Aptitude Logical Reasoning Profit and Loss 2020 IAS Part 10

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1. Bhajan Singh purchased 120 reams of paper at Rs. 80 per ream. He spent Rs. 280 on transportation. Paid octroi at the rate of 40 paise per ream and paid Rs. 72 to the coolie. If he wants to have a gain of 8 %. What must be the selling price per ream?

A. Rs. 86

B. Rs. 87.48

C. Rs. 89

D. Rs. 90

Answer: D

2. A man sells a car to his friend at 10 % loss. If the friend sells it for Rs. 54000 and gains 20 %. The original C.P of the car was:

A. Rs. 25000

B. Rs. 37500

C. Rs. 50000

D. Rs. 60000

Answer: C

3. The cost price of an article which on being sold at a gain of 12 % yields Rs. 6 more than when it is sold at a loss of 12 % is:

A. Rs. 30

B. Rs. 25

C. Rs. 24

D. Rs. 20

Answer: B

4. A person bought an article and sold it at a loss of 10 % if he had bought it for 20 % less and sold it for Rs. 55 more he would have had a profit of 40 %. The C.P of the article is:

A. Rs. 200

B. Rs. 225

C. Rs. 250

D. None of these

Answer: C

5. At what price must kantilal sell a mixture of 80 kg sugar at Rs. 6.75 per kg with 120 kg at Rs. 8 per kg to gain 20%?

A. Rs. 7.50 per kg

B. Rs. 8.20 per kg

C. Rs. 8.85 per kg

D. Rs. 9 per kg

Answer: D

6. Subhash purchased a tape recorder at of its selling price and sold it at 8% more than its S.P. His gain is:

A. 8%

B. 10%

C. 18%

D. 20 %

Answer: D

7. A discount series of 10%, 20% and 40% is equal to a single discount of:

A. 50%

B. 56.8%

C. 60%

D. 70.28%

Answer: B

8. The ratio of the prices of three different types of cars is . If the difference between the costliest and the cheapest cars is Rs. 60000 the price of the car of modest price is:

A. Rs. 80000

B. Rs. 100000

C. Rs. 140000

D. Rs. 120000

Answer: B

9. Kabir buys an article with 25% discount on its marked price. He makes a profit of 10 % by selling it at Rs. 660. The marked price is :

A. Rs. 600

B. Rs. 700

C. Rs. 800

D. Rs. 685

Answer: C

10. An umbrella marked at Rs. 80 is sold for Rs. 68. The rate of discount is:

A. 15%

B. 12%


D. 20 %

Answer: A

11. A retailer buys a sewing machine at a discount of 15% and sells it for Rs. 1955. Thus, he makes a profit of 15%. The discount is:

A. Rs. 270

B. Rs. 290

C. Rs. 300

D. None of these

Answer: C

12. A Shopkeeper earns a profit of 12% on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed. The ratio of the cost price and the printed price of the book is:




D. None of these

Answer: A

13. While selling the watch, a shopkeeper gives a discount of 5% if he gives a discount of 7 % he earns Rs. 15 less as profit. The marked price of the watch is:

A. Rs. 697.50

B. Rs. 712.50

C. Rs. 787.50

D. None of these

Answer: D

14. A trader lists his articles 20% above C.P and allows a discount of 10% on cash payment. His gain percent is:

A. 10%

B. 8%

C. 5%

D. 6%

Answer: B

15. The marked price is 10% higher than the cost price. A discount of 10% is given on the marked price, in this kind of sale the seller

A. Bears no loss no gain

B. gains

C. loses 1%

D. None of these

Answer: C