Important MCQs for History IAS Part 42

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Q. Who was the founder of the ‘Drain Theory’ which, among others exposed the constant drain of wealth from India to England?

(a) Dada Bhai Nairobi

(b) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(c) R.C. Dutt

(d) S.N. Banerjee

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following is not a plantation industry in British India?

(a) Indigo

(b) Tea

(c) Coffee

(d) Salt- petrel

Answer: D

Q. The first telegraph line introduced by Lord Dalhousie in 1853 ran between:

(a) Bombay and Thana

(b) Calcutta and Madras

(c) Bombay and Agra

(d) Calcutta and Agra

Answer: D

Q. Which one of the following is correctly matched?

(a) Wood’s Dispatch – Primary Education

(b) Hunter Commission – Secondary Education

(c) Raleigh Commission – University Education

(d) Sadler Commission – Rejection of Filtration theory

Answer: C

Q. Match list I wish list II and select the answer using the codes given below the lists:

Table of names of Lord and it’s works

List I

List II

I. Cornwallis

A. Subsidiary Alliance System

II. Wellesley

B. Doctrine of Lapse

III. William Bentinck

C. Separation of judicial and revenue administrations

IV. Dalhousie

D. Abolition of the provincial Courts of Appeal and Circuit

Codes: I II III IV

(a) A C D B

(b) C A D B

(c) C A B D

(d) A C B D

Answer: B

Q. Match the following:

Table of Position and it’s work

List I

List II

I. Bombay presidency

A. William Bentinck

II. Madras presidency

B. Dalhousie idiocy

III. Agra province

C. Wellesleyince

IV. Public Works

D. Hastings Department

E. Cornwallis

Codes: I II III IV

(a) A D B E (b) B E C D (c) D C A B

(d) C B D A

Answer: C

Q. Which code gives the correct matching of the following lists?

Table of part of History and it’s declaration

List I

List II

I. Gorham War

A. Metcalfe

II. Suppression of thug gee’

B. Hastings

III. Freedom of Indian press

C. Dalhousie Indian press

IV. Introduction of postal system

D. William Bentinck postal System

Codes: I II III IV

(a) C B D A

(b) B D C A

(c) D C A B

(d) C B D A

Answer: D

Q. Consider list I and List II:

Table of city’s name and it’s History

List I

List II

(I) Mayo

Beginning of State Rail ways

(II) Northbrook

Visit of Prince of Wales

(III) Lytton

Holding of Delhi Durbar

(IV) Ripon

First Census in India

Which of the above are correctly paired?

Choose the answer from the codes below:

(a) All of them

(b) I, II & III

(c) II, III & IV

(d) I, II &IV

Answer: A