General Studies: Important for Exam: Logic Principle Fact Part 1

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Directions (Q. Nos. 1 - 10) One principle (s) is stated and it is followed by a fact situation and you are to choose the correct one. Just read the principle and solve the problem.

1. Principles

I. Neighbor principle-A person is responsible for any harm caused by him to his neighbor.

II. Only the relations bound by contract are held responsible for a person.

Fact X manufacturers a food item. He sells it to a wholesaler Y who in turns sells it to a customer through Z, a retailer. After eating the food item, the customer falls ill. X is liable to the consumer because

(a) of contractual relations

(b) of the Food Adulteration Act

(c) the consumer is the neighbor of X

(d) of the consumer protection law

Answer: C

2. Principles

I. Freedom is when you have choices to opt for.

II. Freedom of speech is the right of everyone.

Fact X asserts that his freedom to speech is inclusive of freedom of not to speak. X՚s assertion is

(a) wrong

(b) right

(c) wrong because the freedom to speak cannot mean freedom not to speak

(d) right because X may opt to speak or not to speak

Answer: D

3. Principles

I. If a servant does something wrong, the master is responsible for him.

II. A servant is one who acts as his master says and has relation of employment with him.

Fact X bank launched a saving scheme for poor sections of the society in which every customer could deposit ₹ 10/- per day. Y used to collect money from people of a locality and used to deposit it in bank for which he got commission from bank. One day Y did not deposit money in the bank and ran away with the money. The customers think that bank is liable to them.

(a) the Bank is liable because it paid commission to Y

(b) the Bank is liable because Y was their servant

(c) the Bank is not liable because Y was not their servant

(d) No one is liable

Answer: C

4. Principle If a statement harms the reputation of a person and is published, it is defamatory in nature.

Fact A had been dating a girl named B for three weeks. But he retains his real identity and introduces himself to her as C (who is one of A՚s friends) . The relation ends up terribly and as B gets angry, she defames A by starting a website ‘c-is-a-jerk. com’ to warn other girls about C. The real C files a suit for defamation. Decide

(a) B has defamed C as she has published the statement.

(b) A is liable for defamation as he introduced himself as C and he was the reason why B created the website.

(c) B is not liable for the act as her intention was not to defame real C.

(d) None of the above

Answer: A

5. Principle A substance which is harmful when released is the liability of the owner, even though he has taken absolute care that it does not release.

Fact Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) manufactured methyl isocyanate, an extremely toxic gas which was stored in sealed cylinders. However, this got released due to a storm. However, before it could endanger much, local authorities controlled the emission. Now it filed a case against UCIL to pay off the costs that occurred to control the disaster. Later it came to notice that the controlling work might have been done without causing as much cost as the authorities did. UCIL agreed to pay only that much amount as would have been necessary to control it.

(a) UCIL should pay only part amount and not the amount spent by the authorities.

(b) UCIL has to pay the whole sum as though he held the gas, though due care was taken by it.

(c) UCIL can claim that the accident happened due to storm and not their negligence.

(d) The authorities are in fault as they spent more. They should have analysed the situation before taking to the action.

Answer: B