IAS 2012 Prelims Solved Paper II Aptitude (Part 10 of 18)

  1. Consider the-following statement:

    1. All X-brand cars parked here are white.

    2. Some of them have radial tyres.

    3. All X-brand cars manufactured after 1986 have radial tyres.

    4. All cars are not X-brand.

    Which one of the following conclusions can be drawn from the above statements?

    1. Only white cars are parked here.

    2. Some white X-brand cars with radial tyres are parked here.

    3. Cars other than X-brand cannot have radial tyres.

    4. Most of the X-brand cars are manufactured before 1986

    Answer: b

  2. Consider the following statement: The Third World War, if it ever starts will end very quickly with, the possible, end of civilization. It is only the misuse of nuclear power which will trigger it. Based on the above statement, which one of the following inferences is correct?

    1. Nuclear power will be used in the Third World War

    2. There will be no civilization left after the Third World War.

    3. The growth of nuclear power with destroy civilization in the long run.

    4. The Third World War will not take place.

    Answer: a

  3. Consider the following information regarding the performance of a class of 1000 students in four different tests. If a student scores 74 marks in each of the four-tests, in which one of the following tests is her performance the best comparatively?


    Test I

    Test II

    Test III

    Test IV

    Average marks

    Marks 60

    Marks 60

    Marks 70

    Marks 80

    Range of marks

    Range 30 to 90

    Range 45 to 75

    Range 20 to 100

    Range 0 to 100

    1. Test I

    2. Test II

    3. Test III

    4. Test IV

    Answer: b

  4. The elements of the problem figures given below are changing with a certain rule as we observe them from left to right:

    According to this rule, which of the following would be the next figure if the changes were continued with the same rule?

    Answer: d

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