IAS 2012 Prelims Solved Paper II Aptitude (Part 15 of 18)

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Directions for the following 8 (eight) items:

The following eight Items (questions 66 to 73) are based on three passages in English to test the comprehension of English language and therefore these items do not have Hindi version. Read, each passage andanswer the items that follow.


For fourteen and a half months I lived in my little call or room in the Dehradun jail, and I began to feel as if I was almost a part of it. I was familiar with every bit of it, I knew every mark and dent on the whitewashed walls and on the uneven floor and the ceiling with its moth-eaten rafters. In the little yard outside I greeted little tufts of grass and odd bits of stone as old friends. I was not alone in my cell, for several colonies of wasp and hornets lived there, and many lizards found a home behind the rafters, emerging in the evenings in search of prey.

  1. Which of the following explains best the sentences in the passage ‘I was almost a part of it’

    1. I was not alone in the cell.

    2. I was familiar with every bit of the cell.

    3. I greeted little tufts of grass like old friends.

    4. I felt quite at home in the cell.

    Answer: d

  2. The passage attempts to describe

    1. the general conditions of the country's jails.

    2. the prisoner's capacity to notice the minute details of his surroundings.

    3. the prisoner's conscious efforts to overcome the loneliness.

    4. the prisoner's ability to live happily with other creatures.

    Answer: c

  3. The author of the passage seems to suggest that

    1. it is possible to adjust oneself to uncongenial surroundings

    2. the conditions in Indian prisons are not bad.

    3. it is not difficult to spend one's time in a prison.

    4. there is a need to improve the conditions in our jails.

    Answer: a