IAS 2012 Prelims Solved Paper II Aptitude (Part 17 of 18)

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A local man, staying on the top floor of an old wooden house, was awakened at midnight by a fire. Losing his way in a smokefilled passage, he missed the stairway and went into another room. He picked up a bundle to protect his face from the fire and immediately fell through the floor below where he managed to escape through a clear doorway. The “bundle” proved to be the baby of the Mayor's wife. The “hero” was congratulated by all.

  1. The man went into another room because

    1. he did not know where exactly the stairway was.

    2. the passage was full of smoke.

    3. he was extremely nervous.

    4. he stumbled on a bundle.

    Answer: b

  2. The man was called a hero because he

    1. expressed his willingness to risk his life to save others.

    2. managed to escape from the fire.

    3. showed great courage in fighting the fire

    4. saved a life

    Answer: d

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