IAS 2012 Prelims Solved Paper II Aptitude (Part 18 of 18)

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Directions for the following 7 (Seven) items

Given below are seven items. Each item describes a situation and is followed by four possible responses. Indicate the response you find most appropriate. Choose only one response for each item. The responses will be evaluated based on the level of appropriateness for the given situation. Please attempt all the times. There is no penalty for wrong answers for these seven items.

  1. You have/differences of opinion regarding the final report prepared by your subordinate that is to be submitted, urgently. The subordinate is justifying the information given in the report. You would.

    1. Convince the subordinate that he is wrong.

    2. Tell him to reconsider the results.

    3. Revise the report on your own.

    4. Tell him not to justify the mistake.

    Answer: b

  2. You are competing with your batch-mate for a prestigious award to be decided based on an oral presentation. Ten minutes are allowed for each presentation. You have been asked by the committee to finish on time. Your friend, however, is allowed more than the stipulated time period. You would…

    1. Lodge a complaint to the chairperson against the discrimination.

    2. Not listen to any justification from the committee.

    3. Ask for withdrawal of your name.

    4. Protest and leave the place.

    Answer: a

  3. You are handling a time-bound project. During the project review meeting, you find that the project is likely to get delayed due to lack of cooperation of the team members. You would…

    1. Warn the team, members for their non-cooperation.

    2. Look into reasons for non-cooperation

    3. Ask for the replacement of team members.

    4. Ask for extension of time citing reasons.

    Answer: b

  4. You are the chairperson of a state sports committee. You have received a complaint and later it was found that an athlete in the junior age category who has won a medal has crossed-the age criteria by 5 days. You would…

    1. Ask the screening committee fora clarification.

    2. Ask the athlete to return the medal.

    3. Ask the athlete to get an affidavit from the court declaring his/her ago

    4. Ask the members of the sports committee for their views.

    Answer: a

  5. You are handling a priority project and have been meeting all the deadlines and are therefore planning your leave during the project. Your immediate boss does not grant your leave citing the urgency of the project. You would…

    1. Proceed on leave without waiting for the sanction.

    2. Pretend to be sick and take leave.

    3. Approach higher authority to reconsider the leave application.

    4. Tell the boss that it is not justified.

    Answer: c

  6. You are involved insetting up a water supply project in a remote area. Full recovery of cost is impossible in any case. The income levels in the area are low and [25% of] the population is below poverty line (BPL). When a decision has tobe taken on pricing you would.

    1. Recommend that the supply of water be free of charge in all respects.

    2. Recommend that the users pay a one time fixed sum for the installation of taps and the usage of water be free.

    3. Recommend that a fixed monthly charge be levied only on the non-BPL families and for BPL families water should be free.

    4. Recommend that the users pay a charge based on the consumption of water with differentiated charges for non-BPL and BPL families, bribe.

    Answer: d

  7. As a citizen you have some work with a government department. The official calls you again and again and without directly asking you, sends out feelers for a bribe. You want to get your work done. You would…

    1. Give brief.

    2. Behave as if you have not understood the feelers and persist with your application.

    3. Go to the higher officer for help verbally complaining about feelers.

    4. Send in a formal complaint

    Answer: c