IAS 2012 Prelims Solved Paper II Aptitude (Part 5 of 18)

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  1. Consider the following statement: Though quite expensive, television is not a luxury item, as one can learn many things through television. Which one of the following is a valid inference from the above statement?

    1. All expensive things are regarded as luxury.

    2. All essential things for learning are not luxury.

    3. Television is essential for learning.

    4. Television is not a luxury item.

    Answer: d

  2. Mr. Kumar drives to work at an average speed of 48 km per hour. The time taken to cover the first 60% of the distance is minutes more than the time taken to cover the remaining distance. How far is his office?

    1. 30 km

    2. 40 km

    3. 45 km

    4. 48 km

    Answer: b

  3. Gita is prettier than Sita but not as pretty as Rita. Then

    1. Sita is not as'pretty as Gita.

    2. Sita is prettier than Rita.

    3. Rita is not as pretty as Gita.

    4. Gita is prettier than Rita.

    Answer: a

  4. Given that

    1. A. Is the brother of B

    2. C is the father of A

    3. D is the brother of E

    4. K is the daughter of B

    Then, the uncle of D is

    1. A

    2. B

    3. C

    4. E

    Answer: a

  5. Examine the following statements:

    1. Rama scored more than Rani.

    2. Rani scored less than Ratna.

    3. Ratna scored more than Rama.

    4. Fadma scored more than Rama but less than Ratna. Who scored the highest?

      1. Rama

      2. Padma

      3. Rani

      4. Ratna

      Answer: d