IAS Prelims 2013 Paper 2 CSAT Solved (Part 10 of 18)

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Directions for the following 4 (four) items: Read the following statements and answer the four items that follow Five cities P, Q, R, S and T are connected by different modes of transport a follows:

P and Q are connected by boat as well as rail.

S and R are connected by bus and boat.

q and T are connected by air only

P end R are connected by boat only.

T and R are connected by rail and bus.

  1. Which mode of transport would help one to reach R starting from Q, but without changing the mode of transport?

    1. Boat

    2. Rail

    3. Bus

    4. Air

    Answer: a

  2. If a person visits each place starting from P and gets back to P, Which of the following places he must visit twice?

    1. Q

    2. R

    3. S

    4. T

    Answer: b

  3. Which one of the following pairs of cities is connected by any of the routes directly without going to any other city?

    1. P and T

    2. T and S

    3. Q and R

    4. None of these

    Answer: d

  4. Between which two cities among the pairs of cities given below are there maximum travel options available?

    1. Q and S

    2. P and R

    3. P and T

    4. Q and R

    Answer: a