IAS Prelims 2013 Paper 2 CSAT Solved (Part 15 of 18)

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Directions for the following 8 (eight) items:

The following eight items (items 67 to 74) are based cm three passages in English to test the comprehension of English language and there for these items do not have Hindi version. Read each passage and answer the items that follow.

English Passage-1

Seven-year-old Jim came home from the park without his new bicycle. “An old man and a little boy borrowed it,” he explained. They are going to bring it back at four o'clock. “His parents were upset that he had given his expensive new bicycle, but were secretly proud of his kindness and faith. Came four o'clock, no bicycle. The parents were anxious. But at 4: 30, the doorbell rang, and there stood a happy man and a boy, with the bicycle and a box of chocolates. Jim unduly disappeared into his bedroom, and then came running out. All right,” he said.

alter examining the bicycle. “You can have your watch back!”

  1. When Jim came in without his bicycle, his parents

    1. were angry with him.

    2. were worned.

    3. did not feel concerned.

    4. were eager to meet the old man and the little boy.

    Answer: b

  2. Jim retuned the watch to the old man and the little boy because

    1. they gave him chocolates.

    2. his father was proud of him.

    3. he was satisfied with the condition of his bicycle.

    4. they were late only by 30 minutes.

    Answer: c