IAS Prelims 2013 Paper 2 CSAT Solved (Part 18 of 18)

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Directions for the following 6 items:

Given below are six items. Each item describes a situation and is followed by four possible responses. Indicate the response you find most appropriate. Choose only one response for each item. The responses will be evaluated based on the level of appropriateness for the given situation. Please attempt all the items. There is no penalty for wrong answers for these six items.

  1. You are the head of your office. There are certain houses reserved for the allotment to the office staff and you have been given the discretion to do so. A set of rules for the allotment of the houses has been laid down by you and has been made public. Your personal secretary, who is very close to you, comes to you and pleads that as his father is seriously ill, he should be given priority in allotment of a house. The office secretariat that examined the request as per the rules turns down the request and recommends the procedure to be followed according to the rules. You do not want to annoy your personal secretary in such circumstances, what would you do?

    1. Call him over to your room and personally explain why the allotment cannot be done.

    2. Allot the house to him to win his loyalty.

    3. Agree with the office note to show that you are not biased and that you do not indulge in favoritism.

    4. Keep the file with you and not pass any orders.

    Answer: a

  2. While travelling in a Delhi-registered commercial taxi from Delhi to an adjacent city (another State), your taxi driver. Informs you that as he has no permit for running the taxi in that city, he will step at it Transport Office and pay the prescribed fee of Rs. Forty for a day. While paying the fee at the counter you find that the transport clerk taking an extra fifty rupees for which no receipt is being given. You are in a hurry for your meeting. In such circumstances, what would you do?

    1. Go up to the counter and ask the clerk to give bark the money which he has illegally taken.

    2. Do not interfere at all as this it a matter between the taxi driver and the tax authorities.

    3. Take note of the incident and subsequently report the matter to the concerned authorities

    4. Treat it as a normal affair and imply forget about it.

    Answer: c

  3. A person 1ive in a far off village which is almost two hours by bus. The villager's neighbor is a very powerful landlord who is trying to occupy the poor villager's land by force. You are the District Magistrate and busy in a meeting called by a local Minister. The villager has in all the way, by bus and on foot, to see you and give an application seeking protection from the powerful landlord. The villager keeps on waiting outside the meeting hail for an hour. You come out of the meeting and are rushing to another meeting. The villager follows you to submit his application. What would you do?

    1. Tell him to wait for another two hours till you come back from your next meeting.

    2. Tell him that the matter is actually to be dealt by a junior officer and that he should give the application to him.

    3. Call one of your senior subordinate officers and ask him to solve the villager's problem.

    4. Quickly Lake the application from him, ask him a few relevant questions regarding his problem and then proceed to the meeting.

    Answer: c

  4. There is a shortage of sugar in your District where you arc the District Magistrate. The Government has ordered that only a maximum amount of 30 kg sugar is to be released for wedding celebrations. A son of your close friend is getting married and your friend requests you to release at least 50 kg sugar for his son's wedding. He expresses annoyance when you tell him about the Government's restrictions on this matter. He feels that since you are the District Magistrate you can release any amount. You do not want to spoil your friendship with him. In such circumstances, how would you deal with the situation?

    1. Release the extra amount of sugar which your friend has requested for:

    2. Refuse your friend the extra amount and strictly follow the rules.

    3. Show your friend the copy of the Government instructions and then persuade him to accept the lower amount as prescribed in the rules.

    4. Advise him to directly apply to the allotting authority and inform him that you do not interfere in this matter.

    Answer: c

  5. You are in-charge of implementing the Family Planning programmes in an area where there is a strong opposition to the present policy You want to convince the residents of the need for keeping small families. What would be the best way of communicating this message?

    1. By logically explaining to the residents the need for family planning to improve the health and living standards.

    2. By encouraging late marriages and proper spacing of children.

    3. By offering incentives for adopting family planning devices.

    4. By asking people who have been sterilized or are using contraceptives to directly talk to the residents.

    Answer: a

  6. You are a teacher in a University and are setting a question paper on a particular subject. One of your colleagues, whose son is preparing for the examination on that subject, comes to you and informs you that it is his son's last chance to pass that examination and whether you could help him by indicating what questions are going to be in the examination. In the past, your colleague had helped you in another matter. Your colleague informs you that his son will suffer from depression if he fails in this examination. In such circumstances, what would you do?

    1. In view of the help he had given you, extend your help to him.

    2. Regret that you cannot be of any help to him.

    3. Explain to your colleague that this would be violating the trust of the University authorities and you are not in a position to help him.

    4. Report the conduct of your colleague to the higher authorities.

    Answer: b