IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 1993 (Part 1 of 10)

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  1. During 1992 − 93 there was a record bumper in

    1. rice

    2. sugarcane

    3. pulses

    4. oil seeds

  2. The term nishka which meant an ornament in the Vedic period was used in later times to denote a/an

    1. Weapons

    2. agricultural implement

    3. script

    4. coin

  3. The working of the quartz crystal in the watch is based on the

    1. Photoelectric Effect

    2. Johnson Effect

    3. Piezo-electric Effect

    4. Edison Effect

  4. Which one of the following pairs of kings of ancient and medieval periods of Indian history and the works authored by them is correctly matched?

      • Krishnadevaraya
      • Samaranganasutradhra
      • Mahendravarman
      • Mattavilasaprahasana
      • Bhojadeva
      • Manasollasa
      • Somcsvara
      • Amuktamalyada
  5. The founder of Boy Scouts and Civil Guides movement in India was

    1. Charges Andrews

    2. Robert Montgomery

    3. Richard Temple

    4. Baden Powell

  6. Acid precipitation is now regarded as a serious problem in some European and Man countries. Its major cause or source is

    1. discharge of acidic effluents onto neutral or slightly alkaline land where the acidic components precipitate

    2. emissions of sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides from thermal power plants and burning of fossil fuels; these oxides dissolve in atmospheric water vapour and fall back on earth as acid rain

    3. natural carbondioxide released during respiration of living organisms dissolves in water, forming carbonic acid which is the chief contributor to acidity in rain water

    4. chlorofluorocarbons readily react with various chemicals near the earths surface, producing acidic intermediates which cause acid precipitation

  7. The growth rate of which one of the following sectors has very low employment elasticity?

    1. Manufacturing

    2. Construction

    3. Financial services

    4. Mixed farming

  8. Which one of the following is considered to be the worlds greatest iconographical creations made by the sthapatis of south India, particularly during the Chola period?

    1. Mahishasuramardini

    2. Nataraja

    3. Rama

    4. Somaskanda

  9. Which one of the following colloidal systems is represented by fog?

    1. Liquid in gas

    2. Gas in liquid

    3. Solid in gas

    4. Liquid in liquid

  10. The dispute regarding East Timor is between

    1. Japan and Russia

    2. China and Philippines

    3. Indonesia and Malaysia

    4. Australia and Indonesia

  11. If a mouse of over eight times its normal size has been produced by introducing human growth hormone gene, the technique involved is called

    1. Hybridization

    2. Genetic engineering

    3. Mutation Breeding

    4. Hormonal feeding

  12. Which one of the following provides the correct sequence of occurrence of four town/cities as one proceeds from west to east?

    1. Rajkot, Baroda, Kharagpur, Bilaspur

    2. Bikaner, Aligarh, Darbhanga, Nowgong

    3. Indore, Raurkela, Agartala, Jamshcdpur

    4. Nasik, Aurangabad, Berhampur


  13. Which of the following were the main objectives of the Khalifat Movement?

    1. To rouse anti-British feelings among the Muslims of India.

    2. To reform the Muslim society.

    3. To demand separate electorates and preserve the Khalifat.

    4. To save the Ottoman empire and preserve the Khalifat

    Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:


    1. 1 and 2

    2. 2 and 3

    3. 3 and 4

    4. 1 and 4

  14. The earnings of India from diamond export is quite high. Which one of the following factors has contributed to it?

    1. Pre-independence stock-pilling of diamondsin4hecountiy which are now exported

    2. Large production of industrial diamonds in the country

    3. Expertise available for cutting and polishing of imported diamonds which are then exported

    4. As in the past, India produces huge quantity of gem diamonds which are exported

  15. When the Couple Protection Rate is going up

    1. birth rate must necessarily fall

    2. birth rate will fail only if couples are of younger age

    3. death rate must necessarily fall

    4. infant mortality rate must be falling