IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 1993 (Part 10 of 10)

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  1. Among the four pairs given below which one consists of a correct combination of dignitaries who became Vice-Presidents after having held diplomatic posts like Ambassador and High Commissioners?

    1. Dr. S Radhakrishnan and, G S Pathak

    2. Dr S Radhakrishnan and V V Giri

    3. Dr. Zakir Hussain and K R Narayanan

    4. B D Jatti and K R Narayanan

  2. The theory of jumping genes was propounded by

    1. Gregor Johann Mandel

    2. Thomas Hunt Morgan

    3. Barbara McClintock

    4. Watson and Crick

  3. Sucrose content in sugarcane decreases

    1. if high rainfall occurs during the period of growth of the plant

    2. if frost occurs during the period of ripening

    3. if there is fluctuation in temperature during the period of growth of the plant

    4. if there is high temperature during the time of ripening

  4. Which one of the following statements is correct?

    1. Neither the Finance Commission nor the Planning Commission is a constitutional body

    2. The scope of the Finance Commission is limited to a review of the revenue segment of the budget while the Planning Commission takes an overall review embracing both capital and revenue requirements of the States

    3. No one can be a member of both the Finance Commission and the Planning Commission at the same time

    4. There is no overlapping of work and responsibility of the Finance

    Commission and those of the Planning


    • Assertion (A): Babur wrote his memoirs in Turki.
    • Reason (R): Turki was the official language of the Mughal Court.

    In the context the above two statements which one of the following is correct?

    1. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

    2. Both A and R are true hut R is NOT a correct explanation of A

    3. A is true but R is false

    4. A is false but R is true

  5. Which one of the following is a man made cereal NOT found in nature?

    1. Dwarf wheat

    2. Hybrid maize

    3. Triticale

    4. Soybean

  6. The only land-locked country in Southeast Asia is

    1. Laos

    2. Thailand

    3. Malaysia

    4. Kampuchea

  7. Sugarcane, sugarbeet, sweetpea, chickpea, pigeonpea and French bean belong to

    1. two plant families

    2. three plant families

    3. four plant families

    4. five plant families

  8. The production of cultured pearls is an important cottage industry of

    1. Belgium

    2. West India

    3. New Zealand

    4. Japan

  9. When partial convertibility obtains, the exchange rate is

    1. a weighted average

    2. a simple average

    3. fully floating

    4. fully administered

  10. Which one of the following is a monument constructed by Sher Shah?

    1. Kila-i-Kuhna mosque at Delhi

    2. Atala masjid at Jaunpur

    3. Bara Sona masjid at Gaur

    4. Quwwat-al-Islam mosque at Delhi

  11. At the present state of our knowledge and resource position, India will remain selfsufficient for the next three decades in

    1. Tin

    2. Coking coal

    3. Copper

    4. Petroleum

  12. Which one of the following shows the descending order of the four metropolitan cities in the Indian sub-continent in so far as their population strength is concerned?

    1. Bombay, Calcutta, Dhaka, New Delhi

    2. Bombay, Calcutta, New Delhi, Karachi

    3. Bombay, Calcutta Karachi, New Delhi

    4. Calcutta, Bombay, Dhaka, Karachi

  13. A fertile soil, suitable for growing common crops is likely to have a pH value of

    1. three

    2. four

    3. six to seven

    4. nine to ten

  14. The New Population Bomb refers to

    1. an increase in the population of the aged in the Third World

    2. rapidly growing urban population in the Third World

    3. large scale distress migration in the Third World

    4. deluge of Soviet emigrants