IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 1993 (Part 4 of 10)

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  1. A rainy day as defined by the Indian Meteorological department is a day when the rainfall at a point received is

    1. 0.5 mm to 1 mm in 24 hours

    2. 1.1 mm to 1.5 mm in 24 hours

    3. 1.6 mm to 2 mm in 24 hours

    4. Above 2.5 mm in 24 hours

  2. Which among the following pairs of places have most marked difference in total rainfall per annum even though located approximately along the same latitude?

    1. Bangalore and Madras

    2. Boithay and Visakhapatanam

    3. Ajmer and Shillong

    4. Nagpur and Calcutta

  3. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

      • Rationing
      • Fiscal control
      • Cash Reserve Ratio
      • Selective Credit Control
      • Licensing
      • Comprehensive Control
      • Import Quota
      • Physical control
  4. Who among the following introduced the famous Persian festival of NAUROJ in India?

    1. Balban

    2. Iltutmish

    3. Firuz Tughlaq

    4. Ala-ud-din Khilji

  5. Though a few (gas-based) industries have already been established good reserves of natural gas in India remain unutilized. This vast resource of natural gas can be used in the production of

    1. fertilizers

    2. carbide

    3. graphite

    4. synthetic petroleum

  6. Among the four political parties listed below, which one was the last to be formed?

    1. The Conservative Party in Britain

    2. The Democratic Party in USA.

    3. The Republican Party in USA.

    4. The Indian National Congress

  7. Haemophilia is a hereditary disease carried by

    1. females and expressed by females

    2. females and expressed by males

    3. males and expressed by females

    4. males and expressed by males

  8. Soils of Western Rajasthan have a high content of

    1. Aluminum

    2. Calcium

    3. Nitrogen

    4. Phosphorus

  9. Which one of the following comes under the jurisdiction of both the High Court and the Supreme Court?

    1. Disputes between the Centre and the States

    2. Disputes between the Stales inter se

    3. Protection of the Fundamental Rights

    4. Protection against the violation of the


  10. Most-Favoured-Nations (MFN) clause under GATT implies

    1. most favour to some countries

    2. most favour to all countries

    3. no favour to any country

    4. no favour to some countries

  11. The Anti-Defection Law was enacted as early as 1979 in

    1. Kerala

    2. Jammu and Kashmir

    3. West Bengal

    4. Tamil Nadu

  12. Which one of the following is INCORRECT in respect of Parliamentary control over the Budget?

    1. Parliament has no say in the preparation of the budged

    2. Parliament has the OWCF to increase expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund

    3. Parliament has no power to impose a tax without the Presidents recommendation

    4. Parliament has no power to increase a tax without the Presidents recommendation

  13. The first political organization established in India in 1838 was knows as

    1. British India Society

    2. Bengal British India Society

    3. Settlers Association

    4. Zamindary Association

  14. Euro dollars arc

    1. a currency issued by European Monetary Union

    2. special currency issued by federal government of USA, Lobe issued only Europe

    3. U. S: Dollars circulating in Europe

    4. European currencies exchanged for the

    US dollar in US

  15. India cotton merchant; banker; Congress man and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. This description fits

    1. G D Birla

    2. M R Jayakar

    3. Jamnalal Bajaj

    4. V S Srinivasa Sastr