IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 1994 (Part 10 of 10)

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  1. Consider the diagram given below: Five hundred candidates appeared in an examination comprising tests in English, Hindi and Mathematics: The diagram gives the number of candidates who failed in different tests. What is the percentage of candidates who failed in at least two subjects?

    1. 7.8

    2. 0.078

    3. 6.8

    4. 1.0

  2. Sound waves travel at 300 m/s. Sound produced at a point is heard by a person after 5 seconds while the same sound is heard by another person after 6 seconds. What could be the maximum and minimum distances between the two persons?

    1. 1.8 km, 0.15 km

    2. 2.2 km, 0.20 km

    3. 2.8 km, 0.25 km

    4. 3.3 km, 0.3 km

  3. The surface area of a cube is 216 sq. m. What is its volume?

    1. 100 cu m

    2. 216 cu m

    3. 480 cu m

    4. 512 cu m

  4. If Rs. 1000 is invested at 12% interest and interest is compounded half yearly, what will be the total amount at the end of one year?

    1. 1120.00

    2. 1123.00

    3. 1126.00

    4. 1134.40

  5. Two persons start walking at a steady pace of 3 km/hour from a road intersection along two roads that make an angle of 60° with each other. What will be the (shortest) distance separating them at the end of 20 minutes?

    1. 3 km

    2. 2 km

    3. 1.5 km

    4. 1 km

  6. Which one of the following figures will generater a cone when rotated about one of its straight edges?

    1. An equilateral triangle

    2. A sector of a circle

    3. A segment of a circle

    4. A right-angled triangle

  7. A person at a point 0 on a straight road AC has four options to go to B which lies on a perpendicular to AC through D. Which one of the following is the shortest route to B?

    1. D to A and A to B

    2. D to E and E to B

    3. D to C and C to B

    4. D to F and F to B

  8. There are three tables containing two drawers each. It is known that one of the tables contains a silver coin in each of its drawers, another table contains a gold coin in each drawer while the third table contains a silver coin in one drawer and a gold coin in the other. One of the drawers of a table is opened and found to contain a silver coin. What is the probability that the other drawer of that table contains a gold coin?

    1. 1

    2. 0.5

    3. 0.25

    4. 0.75

  9. Consi4er the following chart: Interest Rates (in percentage) The chart above shows the movement of nominal interest rates and real interest rates (defined as nominal interest rate minus inflation). Which one of the following is the correct interpretation?

    1. Nominal interest rates decreased at a constant rate in the periodFeb. 1992-Sept. 1993

    2. Inflation has constantly decreased from Feb. 1992-Sept. 1993

    3. Although the nominal rates of interest have constantly declined from Feb. 1992-Sept. 1993, the real rates have been steadily increasing throughout the period

    4. Nominal rate of interest and real rate of interest are likely to become equal in 1994

  10. The table below compares apparel exports of various countries between the years 1980 and 1990: Which one of the following statements is NOT true (Restricting consideration to countries listed in the. Table only)?

    1. Thailand has overtaken India in apparel export performance between 1980 and 1990

    2. Total apparel export from the countries listed has increased (in dollar terms) between 1980 and 1990, but part of this is likely to be due to global inflation

    3. Indias share of the apparel export market has increased

    4. Maximum improvement in apparel export performance has been achieved by Indonesia

  11. Consider the following figures marked A and B: The manufacturing cost and projected sales for a product are shown in figures A and B respectively. What is the minimum number of pieces that should be manufactured to avoid a loss?

    1. 2000

    2. 2500

    3. 3000

    4. 3500

  12. Ram and Shyam work on a job together for four days and complete 60% of it. Ram takes leave then and Shyam works for eight more days to complete the job. How long would Ram take to complete the entire job alone?

    1. 6 days

    2. 8 days

    3. 10 days

    4. 11 days

  13. The square root of the cube of this number is the cube of its square root. It is not 1 and it is less than 6. What is it?

    1. 2

    2. 3

    3. 4

    4. 5

  14. In the sequence 462, 420, 3S0, X, 306, X stands for

    1. 352

    2. 342

    3. 332

    4. 322

  15. Ten percent of twenty plus twenty percent of ten equals

    1. 10 percent of 20

    2. 20 percent of 10

    3. 1 percent of 200

    4. 2 percent of 200