Indian Revenue Services Group ‘A’

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  1. Appointments will be made on probation for a period of 2 years given that this period may be extended if the officer on probation has not qualified for confirmation by passing the pre-decided departmental examinations. Repeated failures to pass the departmental examinations within the time period of 3 years will consist loss of appointment or reversion to his substantive post, if required.
  2. If according to the Government work or organise of an officer meanwhile the probation period is undesirable or indicating he is likely to become an inefficient Income-tax officer, the Government can disseminate him or revert him to its substantive post, if required.
  3. When his period got over, probation Government may confirm tile officer in his appointment, his work or his organise has in the view point of Government been undesirable. Government has the power either to disseminate him from the service or extend his probation time period for such further period as Government may consider suitable given the appointment to temporary vacancies, However no claim will be there regarding confirmation.
  4. If in case the power to organise appointment pertaining to the service is being passed by Government to any of the official worker, then that officer may use any of the powers of Government given in the above-mentioned clauses.
  5. The scale of payment:
    1. Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax, group junior scale ₹ 8000 − 275 − 13500
    2. Deputy Commissioner of Income-tax or Deputy Director of Income-tax. ₹ 10000 − 325 − 15200
    3. Joint Commissioner of Income-tax or Joint Director of Income-tax. ₹ 12000 − 375 − 16500
    4. Additional Commissioner of Income-tax. ₹ 14300 − 400 − 18300
    5. Commissioner of Income-tax. ₹ 18400 − 500 − 22400
    6. Chief Commissioner of Income-tax or Director General of Income-tax. ₹ 22400 − 525 − 24500.

    Meanwhile the probation period an officer will undergo training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie and the National Academy of Direct Taxes, Nagpur. When the training ends at Mussoorie, he or she will have to clear the end-of-course test. Also, departmental examination will also have to be passed during tile period of probation. After completion of one year of service his or her pay will be raised to ₹ 8275. On passing tile single departmental examination the pay will be raised to ₹ 8550. The pay beyond the stage of ₹ 8550/-will not be allowed unless he or she is confirmed and has completed 3 years of service subject to such other condition as may be found essential.

    In case he or she does not pass the end-of-the course test at the Academy, the first increment will be postponed by one year from the date on which he or she would have drawn it or up to the date on which under the departmental regulations, the second increment accrues, whichever happened earlier.

  6. The seniority amongst direct recruits, inter-se shall be determined, based on the performance in the Civil Services Examination organiseed by the Union Public Service Commission, in the Foundational Course and in the Professional Training organiseed in the National Academy of Direct Taxes, Nagpur and the weightage to be given in such performances would be as shown in the parenthesis-Civil Services Examination (76.67 % .) , Foundational Course (8.33 % ,) and Professional Training (15 %) .
  7. Important Note: It should clearly understood by probationer that their appointment would be subject to any change in the constitution of the Indian Revenue service Group ‘A’ which the Government of India may think desirable to make from time to time and no claim for compensation is there in happenings of any such alterations.

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