UPSC Services

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Core UPSC services are mentioned below:

  • Indian Administrative Services.
  • Indian Audit and Accounts Services.
  • Indian Custom and Central Excise Services.
  • Indian Foreign Services.
  • Indian Revenue Services.
  • Indian Police Services.

Service Prioritys

A candidate must needs to show or mention it clearly in his or her application form for the Main Examination i.e.. . Sequential order of the prioritys for various different services or posts, regarding which he or she would like to be examined for appointment if in case the same recommended for the appointment by union Public Service Commission.

A candidate who truly wants to get selected for IAS/IPS needs to mention it clearly in his or her application, if the same would like to be examined for allotment to the state to which he or she belongs in case he or she is appointed to the IAS/IPS.

Important Note. The candidate should be utmost confident meanwhile mentioning the prioritys for various services or posts. Due consideration will be given at the time of making allocation on the results of the examination to the prioritys expressed by a candidate for various services at the time of his application. A candidate who has accepted the allocation to a service based on an earlier examination shall be eligible on the basis of this examination to be assigned only to those service (s) /post (s) which were higher in the order of priority in his or her application form for the examination on the basis of which he or she had been last assigned to a service. The candidate needs to show all the services or posts in the order of priority in his or her application form. In case he or she does not give any priority for any services or posts, it will be assumed that he or she has no particular priority for those services. If he or she is not allotted to any one of the services or posts for which he or she has showd priority, he or she shall be allotted to any of the remaining services or posts in which there are vacancies after allocation of all the candidates who can be assigned to a service/post in accordance with their prioritys.

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