Introduction to Various Civil Services and UPSC Conducts Examinations Part 1

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UPSC Conducts Examinations for Following Services

Civil Services

Civil Services Examination is conducted specifically to select candidates for All India Services (Excluding IFS i.e.. Indian Forest Services) and Central Services.

All India Services

All India Services are common to both central and state governments.

These services include:

  • Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
  • Indian Police Service (IPS)
  • Indian Forest Service

Central Services

  • The central services work under the exclusive jurisdiction of central government.
  • Occupies functional and technical positions in various
  • Managed by respective ministries and departments.
  • Few of them are controlled and managed by the Ministry of personnel.
  • Central services are of two types: Group a services and Group B services.

Specialist Services

In these services recruitment is done on the basis of Specialized and Professional qualifications of the candidate

These services include:

  • Indian Engineering Services
  • Indian Economic Services
  • Indian Statistical Services
  • Indian Geological Services

Following section discusses various civil services for which Civil Service Exams are conducted by UPSC.

1. Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

  • The IAS (Indian Administrative Service) was formed in 1947.
  • IAS works on central as well as district administration under state government. The IAS is the main link in the governance of the country.


  • Their main responsibilities are to look after law and order, general administration, revenue work and developmental functions.
  • At the central level, this involves the framing and implementation of public policies.
  • At the district level, it is concerned with district affairs, including developmental functions.
  • At the divisional level, the IAS officers look after law and order, general administration and Development work.
  • In the Government of India (i.e.. in the ministries) , IAS officers deal with the formulation of Policies and supervise their implementation.
  • They also work with different ministries; supervise the work of different ministries.
  • They are also recruited with some public sector corporations.
  • They also represent India on different international forums; can take part in agreements in different countries.

Postings in IAS

Various postings for an IAS are:

  • Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)
  • District Magistrate
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Director of a department
  • Managing Director of a Public Sector Unit
  • Senior officer in the State Secretariat
  • Principal Secretary
  • Additional Chief Secretary
  • Chief Secretary of State
  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Secretary to the Ministry
  • Additional/Special Secretary to Ministry
  • Policy Advisor to Government of India

2. Indian Police Service (IPS)

  • The main responsibility of an IPS (Indian Police Service) is public safety and security. With the growth of anti-national and anti-social tendencies since Independence such as North East insurgencies, Khalistan movement, growth of Naxalism, terrorism, organized crimes, trafficking IPS has become backbone of Indian administration.
  • IPS training is provided in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad.


  • The IPS takes care of law and order at the district level in coordination with the IAS
  • Crime prevention and detection
  • Traffic control
  • Accident prevention and management
  • IPS service is divided into various functional departments
    • Crime Branch
    • Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
    • Home Guards
    • Traffic Bureau

Postings in IPS

  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)
  • Police Officer of a sub-division (SDPO)
  • Superintendent of Police.
  • Senior Superintendent of Police of a District.
  • Deputy Inspector General of a Range (group of districts) .
  • Deputy Inspector General.
  • Inspector General.
  • Additional DG.
  • Director General of Police.
  • In cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore the ASP, SP, and the DIG are called Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACPO) , Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and Commissioner of Police (CP) .
  • IPS are also sent to Central Policing Agencies such as the Intelligence Bureau (IB) , Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) , Cabinet Secretariat Security, the Border Security Force (BSF) , and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are also headed by IPS.
  • On deputation to the Cabinet Secretariat, the Border Security Force, the Central Reserve Police Force and the Central Industrial Security Force
  • Director serious fraud investigation officer.
  • Director Drug and Narcotic trafficking.

3. Indian Foreign Service (IFS)


  • IFS deal with the country՚s external affairs, including diplomacy, trade and cultural relations.
  • It is responsible for the administration and activities of Indian missions abroad, and for the framing and implementation of the Government՚s foreign policy.
  • Representing the interests of your country abroad, protecting the interests of its citizens aboard and interacting with officials from foreign governments.
  • IFS officers, perform a multitude of duties in embassies and diplomatic missions abroad.
  • IFS official serve in embassies and diplomatic consulates around the world.
  • They issue visas, protect citizens who are travelling abroad, accompany foreign officials and report to the government on diplomatic matters.
  • IFS are attached to the Ministry of External Affairs and have to become conversant in a major foreign language.

Postings of IFS

  • Third Secretaries in Indian Embassy/High Commission where that language is spoken.
  • In the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) .
  • Serve as Counsellors in very small countries.
  • Ambassadors of medium sized countries.
  • Ministers in the large embassies like Washington and Moscow
  • Ambassadors in relatively big embassies or as Deputy High Commissioner in London.
  • Ambassadors of the rank of Secretary Heads Indian Embassies/High Commissions like Moscow, Washington.
  • Also works as Foreign Advisors.