Introduction to Various Civil Services and Indian Revenue Services Part 2

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4. Indian Revenue Services (IRS)


  • Main responsibilities of IRS involve all the processes from investigation to decisions and policy planning related to revenue of the country.
  • IRS official deal with the fiscal policy and budget, and legal aspects of tax administration.
  • A Revenue officer has to handles tax matters for a government agency.
  • IRS official also be in charge of other financial duties, from maintaining a budget to collections to recording deposits and payments.
  • Also responsible for detecting and investigating tax evasion, in disputed cases they represent at independent appeal tribunals.
  • They will examine cases in which the tax assessed is more than the prescribed figure. Assistant Commissioners deal with income and losses between ₹ 2 - 5 lakhs.
  • Deputy Commissioners (Assessment) handle cases above ₹ 5 lakhs.
  • The professional training is conducted in the National Academy of Direct Taxes, Nagpur.

Postings of IRS

  • Assistant Commissioner for about eight years
  • Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Deputy Director (Investigation)
  • Commissioner of Income Tax in a metropolitan town
  • Director of Income Tax
  • Chief-Commissioners of Income Tax
  • Director General of Income Tax
  • Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (Head of Income tax hierarchy)
  • Finance Secretary
  • Secretary (Revenue)
  • Secretary (Budget Division)
  • Additional Secretary

5. Indian Customs and Central Excise Service


  • This service is responsible for customs and excise.
  • Customs is concerned with the checking and levy of duty on taxable goods brought into the country.
  • Excise department is involved with the taxation of goods manufactured within the country.
  • Custom, excise or narcotics matters are the responsibilities of Customs officers.
  • Power and the jurisdiction of customs and excise officers extends over several states.

Postings of Customs and Central Excise Officers

  • Designated as Assistant Commissioner of Customs
  • Deputy Commissioner of Customs
  • Additional Commissioner of Customs
  • Assistant Commissioner of Central Excise
  • Deputy Commissioner of Central Excise
  • Additional Commissioner of Central Excise
  • Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise
  • Chief Commissioners of Customs and Central Excise
  • Member of the Central Board of Excise and Customs
  • Chairman of the Central Board of Excise and Customs

6. Indian Railways Services


  • Responsible for the running of India՚s vast railway network.
  • There are four non-technical and technical or engineering cadres in the railways.
  • Civil Service examination is the entrance examination for non technical services which are:
    • The Indian Railway Traffic Services (IRTS)
    • The Indian Railway Personnel Services (IRPS)
    • The Indian Railway Accounts Services (IRAS)
    • The Railway Police Service

7. Indian Railway Traffic Services (IRTS)


  • This service looks after goods and passengers services in Indian Railway.
  • Also it is responsible for operational aspect i.e.. movement of trains
  • They also emphasizes on safety of the passenger and good transported in railway.
  • Posted at the Divisional Headquarters

Posting in IRTS

Some of the postings are:

  • Assistant Commercial Manager
  • Assistant Operating Manager
  • Assistant Transport Manager
  • Divisional Commercial Manager
  • Divisional Operating Manager
  • Divisional Safety Officer
  • Additional Secretary to the Government of India

8. Indian Railway Accounts Services (IRAS)


  • IRAS monitors all the income and expenditure of the vast railway network
  • It looks after all the Railway financial administration

Posting in IRAS

These officers works on following the posts:

  • Assistant Accounts Officers of divisional headquarters
  • Divisional Accounts Officer
  • Senior Divisional Accounts Officer
  • Financial Advisor-cum-Chief Accounts Officer of a zone

9. Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)


IRPS officers will deal with:

  • Recruitment in railway
  • Promotions in railway
  • In service training in railway
  • Welfare of the employees in railway

Managerial decision making at the railway policy implementation level

Posting in IRPS

The postings are as follows:

  • Assistant Personnel Officer at Divisional Headquarters
  • Divisional Personnel Officer
  • Officer of Deputy Chief Planning Officer
  • Additional Chief Planning Officer
  • Chief Personnel Officer at Zonal Headquarters