Introduction to Various Civil Services and Indian Corporate Law Services Part 4

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15. Indian Corporate Law Services (ICLS)


  • Keeping in view of the tremendous growth of the companies in the country new central civil services, Indian Corporate Law Services (ICLS) was introduced in recent years.
  • Intended to provide expert infrastructure involved in corporate law making.
  • To enforce corporate law, corporate regulation in the country
  • It will implement corporate governance in the country.
  • It will be an important watchdog on the working of private sector in today՚s globalized era.
  • It is intended to provide organizational efficiency and improved delivery of service in private sectors.
  • It will also be responsible for incorporation, enforcement, and other matters relating to implementation of the Companies Act and other acts related to corporate governance.


  • Office of Director General (Corporate Affairs) is created.
  • Office of Director General (Corporate Affairs) will function as a link between the
  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Field Offices
  • It will supervise the functioning of the Offices of Registrar of Companies for improved delivery of service and Official Liquidators for efficient completion of process of liquidation.
  • It will be headed by an officer of Higher Administrative Grade assisted by two Directors (Inspection and Investigation) .
  • Induction training and in-service training is providing through Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) , Manesar (Haryana) .


The Group ‘B’ Services includes

  • The Central Secretariat Service (Section Officers Grade-CSS)
  • The Railway Board Secretariat Service (Section Officers՚ Grade- RBSS)
  • The Indian Foreign Service (Section Officers ′ Grade- IFS ′ B ′ )
  • The Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (Assistant Civilian Staff Officers Grade)
  • The Customs՚ Appraisers Service
  • The Delhi and Andaman & Nicobar Islands Civil Service (DANICS)
  • The Goa, Daman and Diu Police Service
  • Posts of Assistant Commandant
  • Post of Deputy Superintendents of Police in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)