Strategy for Economics Optional

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Stated below are the strategies to handle Economics for IAS Exams. Following mentioned are the essential topics that are helpful to score the maximum marks is the minimum time. It is necessary and vital to remember to read up on other topics as well as soon as you are done with these topics.

Crucial Topics

Basic Economic Indicators: (Statistical Data)

  • National Income
  • Production
  • Price Index
  • Foreign Trade
  • Population

Features of Indian Economy

  • Division of Economic activities
  • Unemployment-Types
  • Poverty-HDR-Measures to eliminate poverty


  • Population growth
  • Population policy 2000
  • Census-2001
  • Consumption Pattern-Energy Consumption-Sources of energy-various programmes National Income
  • Methods of National Income calculation
  • Concepts of National Income


  • Importance
  • Crops and seasons
  • Agricultural Credit agencies. NABARD, RRB. Etc.
  • Kisan Credit Schemes
  • Land Reforms
  • Agricultural Insurance, NAIS, Seed Crop Insurance
  • Green, Yellow, White, Blue revolutions
  • Irrigation projects-Drip irrigation
  • Development measures


  • Industrial Policies-1948,1956, 1991-Initiatives taken
  • Small Scale Industries
  • Various key industries
  • Various Committees and their recommendations
  • Industrial sickness
  • Dis investment-PSE Policy
  • Industrial Finance

Money and Banking

  • Aspects of money market
  • Credit Control-Various Rates
  • Commercial Banks, Co-operatives, NBFC.
  • Committees and recommendations
  • SEBI-Stock market developments
  • Insurance Industry
  • New Banking Sector reforms
  • Inflation, Deflation
  • Money supply measures

Foreign Trade

  • Composition and direction
  • Exim policy and other Acts
  • Foreign Trade improvement measures taken
  • WTO
  • BOP

International Organisation, Development and Employment Programmes and Planning

  • Planning Commission
  • Five Year Plans and imported features

Public Finance

  • Finance Commission
  • Various formulas for Plan assistance to states
  • Taxation-Reforms
  • Public spending and Debt.
  • Deficit financing