Exam Strategy for Medical Science

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Some ages ago, when a medical student thought of giving the civil services exams, he had no option but to change his subject. But after looking at the increasing numbers the UPSC added Medical Science as a subject in the civil services. Ever since many students have taken up the subject and even topped the exams. Do not allow people to convince you that the subject is too hard and not achieving as these are the topics you have studied and practiced for 5 years. Around 80 % of the questions belong to that portion, which has been studied.

Strategy of Preparation

  • Just go through the syllabus, it is your best mentor as a matter of fact, it is not easily available in the market, nor is professional coaching. Also keep your options open for the out of syllabus questions. The earlier years question can be used as a guide to throw some light in this direction.
  • But try harder and harder, put more efforts and develop groups to study with and identify other medicos who have already given the the exams.
  • When you choose to focus on a particular topic and leave out others in that group it is better to be very through in that topic and at the same time have a fundamental idea of the topics that are being left behind. This will create a support system in case where your prepration is out of the line with the question paper.
  • Choosing the right book is crucial. The most advisable readings section will help you out upto a great extent. As a medical student you have to work extremely hard but also keep in mind that your competition is only with you and your hard working.

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