Exam Strategy for Zoology

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The syllabus of Zoology is very wide and thus it is not repetitive. Students are suggested to ignore those fields which have came in the last year՚s paper. The answers must be diagrammatic and be less ambiguous. Students should also not get confused or panic while drawing the coloured diagrams.

Paper I

Section A

Non-chordata and chordata:

  • Students should do categorisation in detail as it is mention in the Barnes ′ textbook.
  • Pay more focus to general essays instead of type studies.
  • Always correlate things from evolutionary viewpoint-Draw as many diagrams and flow charts as possible
  • Origin of chordates is an expected topic this year. Students must cover all theories in detail.
  • In chordate description, differentiate the phyla phylogenetically and anatomically. Comparative anatomy diagrams must be coloured.

Section B

The heavily scoring parts are Economic-Zoology, Bio-Stats and Bio-Instrumentation. Students are suggested to prepare Ecology and Animal Behavior only for short notes. India-centric data is very must wherever it is essential. The section depending on Ethology can be ignored meanwhile the final stages of preparation. Students need to invest more efforts on the topics pertaining to the development in India in Economic Zoology.

Paper II

Section A

While preparing for Cell Biology and Genetics, students must need to follow the same tips and techniques as given for these two topics in Botany. Also, you need to correlate cellular processes with human physiology and human disease conditions. In Genetics, student should also mention and state the possible human welfare applications. For this year ′ s mains paper, the human genome project appears crucial, As media reports on this topic during the last one year. In Evolution, students should prepare ultimately for short notes and figure out crucial topics from previous years ′ papers. The section pertaining to the Systematics can be however ignored or students just need to focus on the present course structure. No peripheral questions will going to be asked.

Section B

  • Biochemistry and Physiology-
  • Practical Bio-chemical pathway with structural formula of molecules are crucial in this year՚s paper. Prepare from medical bio-chemistry and physiology books. Elaborate the details with the help of flow charts. Always draw relevant and desirable anatomical diagrams.
  • Development Biology-
  • If physiology and biochemistry are well prepared in detail, then this part can be prepared only as short notes. Colored drawings are the very essense of this section. Students must practice them frequently and make them neatly.
  • For General Studies (GS) -
  • Topics that are being related to ecology and environment can be ignored while preparing for the GS paper. Different sides of biotechnology are frequently asked in the GS paper for which no individual preparation is being required.