Scoring High in Geography Optional UPSC IAS Mains: Formation & Presentation YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Scoring High (350+) in Geography Optional UPSC IAS Mains: Formation & Presentation

Scoring High in Geography Optional Geography is one of the favourite optional taken by many students in UPSC/IAS and State PSCs. The major reason as indeed we know is the proximity with the GS (general Studies) syllabus. Both Prelims and mains constitute significant proportion of Geography in GS. Hence, optional as geography becomes an interesting choice.

Again, most of the science students find it interesting and challenging. The subject having close links with science is also a favourite optional for students from engineering background.


Strategy for Exam/Test Series

As we said the strategy differs before and after the exams. The preparation methodology for both cases is very different.

Strategy for Exam/Test Series

Are You Non-Geography Student?


NO Incomplete Maps

Substantiate with GS

How to Answer GS-Based Questions for Geography?

  • Provide Spatial Context
  • Explain Regional case studies
  • Innovation

Framing Answers

  • Include contemporary knowledge in conventional questions
  • Substantiate general questions with theories

How to Write Answers for Theories/Models?

References (MUST) โ€“ Mainly for Contemporary Issues

Focus Areas

Donีšt Miss

  • SPEED is key
  • Cover syllabus in totality
  • Practice a lot
  • Mental Schema for Answers
  • Use Examples and Case studies
  • Might use Historical perspective to explain answer
  • Choose only those questions โ€“ Where you are sure about all sub-parts
  • Emphasize the important ideas

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