IAS Success Stories of Winning Candidates Anay Dwivedi

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Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself

Anay Dwivedi: My name is Anay Dwivedi. I was born on /1985. I did BE (Mechanical) from Sardar Patel College of Engineering, University of Mumbai.

Interviewer: What are the elements required for success in this exam?

Anay Dwivedi: On a personal level, perseverance, hard work, dedication and studying wisely is important. But right guidance and study material is very essential for success.

Interviewer: Tell us about previous attempts

Anay Dwivedi: CSE 2007-reached the interview stage but could not make it to the final list.

CSE 2008-reached the interview stage but could not make it to the final list

Interviewer: What was the key element of your strategy?

Anay Dwivedi: Apart from studying books, I consulted the internet extensively. Also, the key difference in this attempt was my emphasis on newspaper reading.

Interviewer: What were your optionals?

Anay Dwivedi: Public Administration and Psychology. I have interest in both subjects. My father being a civil servant. I had developed interest in governance issues. Psychology has always interested me. Guidance was available.

Interviewer: what՚s your plan for General Studies?

Anay Dwivedi: Newspaper reading was the most important aspect of GS preparation. My seniors told me to join Sriram՚s, Delhi. I went with full faith. I was rewarded fully. Each faculty member was good. Sriram sir encouraged us to cover many more topics than usual. I did lot of writing practice. Both helped me.

Government publications such as India Yearbook were also very useful. Yojana is a must.

I was the GS Prelims paper on 23rd May, 2010. I feel it sets the tone for the Csat-it demands conceptual clarity and extensive knowledge base. My advice to aspirants is to do Sriram՚s Classes and then add to it, if necessary.

Interviewer: You appeared twice for the UPSC exam. Finally you are through. What was your biggest mistake, now that you are a topper

Anay Dwivedi: My biggest drawback in the previous attempts was lack of proper guidance for answer writing even though the contents were more or less the same Shri. Pavan Kumar who worked in London on Public Policy and other aspects of governance and administration guided me as to how to put my ideas across well with right perspective and detail. He is the Academic Director at Sriram՚s. It helped me a lot. I owe Pavan sir special thanks.

Interviewer: How was your interview?

Anay Dwivedi: I got KK Paul Sir՚s board. It lasted for about 25 minutes. I was satisfied with the interview as the board was very cordial and encouraging.

Interviewer: The pattern of the questions has been changed in this exam. More questions are asked with current orientation. How did you prepare for your Current Affairs?

Anay Dwivedi: Newspaper reading is very important. The Times of India, The Economic Times and The Hindu. I read only 1 magazine-Civil Services Chronicle regularly.

My basic reading was Sriram՚s study material and class notes for General Studies. Personal sessions with Sriram sir were every helpful.

The Prelim GS Exam on 23rd May, 2010 heavily relied on Economics. Trend keeps changing. We were kept ahead of the curve at Sriram՚s

Interviewer: What determines success in this exam?

Anay Dwivedi: Even though luck plays a great role, yet hard work, dedication, focused study and perseverance determine success.

Interviewer: Often students count their labor and strategies in terms of hours they spend on reading. Does it work?

Anay Dwivedi: It depends on the individual՚s method of study. In my case, I never studied more than 4 hours a day and not more than 40 minutes in one sitting. Dragging oneself without proper concentration is of no use.

Interviewer: How important is language for this examination?

Anay Dwivedi: Command over the language is a plus

Interviewer: How useful Chronicle for your Civil Services preparation?

Anay Dwivedi: I read all the issues of Civil Services Chronicle regularly since February 2007. It is the only magazine that I relied upon for General Studies.

Courtesy: Civil Services Chronicle