Annies Kanmani Joy UPSC 2011 65th Rank

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Two train journeys and a set of advice from two people-a set of advice from two people, a stranger and a cousin put 27-year-old Annies Kanmani Joy on track to the civil services, something she never thought she was eligible for. Joy finished her five-year nursing course from the Government Medical College in Thiruvananthapuram in 2009, and gave herself a month՚s time to decide her future course of action. It was this one month that gave Joy՚s life a new direction.

“I did not know what to do. I did not know if nurses could sit for the civil services exam. I have till date never heard of someone from this profession taking this exam,” Joy said after trying to sink in the joy. In the 2011 − 2012 UPSC results, joyous Joy secured 65th rank. This was her second attempt at the exam, her first attempt landed her at 580th rank last year. “I was contemplating about my future course and thought I would be a nurse for the rest of my life and end up being a housewife taking care of my family and children. I was travelling on a train to Trivandrum with my cousin, a Law student who was preparing for his civil services exam. I told him I wanted to do something (with my life) , and he told me I should also start preparing (for the civil services) ,” Joy said.

Later, during another train journey, Joy got similar advice. This time from a stranger. ″ The second time, I was again on a train from Mangalore to Trivandrum. A woman started talking to me and told me that her daughter was preparing for the civil services in Delhi. A few months later, Joy was on another train and was headed towards Delhi with her father Joy Paul. ″ When I told my father I wanted to prepare for civil services he was very happy. He supported me and brought me to Delhi, where I stayed in Karol Bagh, ″ she says. After her first attempt at the civil services exam, Joy also started training for the Indian Civil Accounts Services at the National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) in Faridabad.

For a girl who was in the national capital for the first time, NIFM was another experience. “There are 37 students in the class, and only five are from South India. It is here that I have received the best training there and made the most wonderful friends,” she says. Joy says the news of her securing the 55th rank has not sunk it yet. “I am thrilled, and I think I will get to be an IAS officer.”

She may probably be the first nurse to get into the hallowed Civil Service and she is excited that her success would inspire more professional nurses to take the road to the Indian Administrative Service. The authorities in Pampakuda her native place are planning to give a reception to Ms. Joy when she visits her home.

Courtesy: Civil Services Chronicle