IAS Success Stories of Winning Candidates Gagan

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Question: How do you feel to be in the merit list with this rank?

Answer: I think this feeling cannot be expressed in words. I am grateful to the almighty, my family, teachers and my friends.

Question: What are you doing currently?

Answer: Spending time with my family.

Question: When did you decide to appear for this coveted IAS examination?

Answer: During my graduation days

Question: What were your optionals?

Answer: Zoology and Botany

Question: Did your background in medical science help you?

Answer: I believe my background made me more hardworking.

Question: People find themselves quite vulnerable in general studies component of the examination. How you managed to pull it through?

Answer: Keeping yourself regularly updated (Sriram Sirs current capsules are really helpful) your basics should be clear and practice of writing answer is very important.

Question: What books did you study?

Answer: For G. S. NCERT books, exercises and notes and Sriram՚s class notes and for optionals standard text books and GS solved question bank.

Question: What is the contribution of a coaching institute in whole gamut of this examination?

Answer: For G. S. I joined Sriram institute and for my optionals Sapiens Institute. I think coaching institutes really help in channelizing your energy.

Question: Will you like to share how exactly it helped you?

Answer: As I am from medical background I didn՚t know anything about G. S. Initially so in such cases coaching institute can help you lot in clearing your basics.

I want to extend special thanks to Sriram sir who motivated me and guided me at different stages of this exam.

Question: Which attempt of yours is this? Will you share with us the shortcomings of your previous attempt?

Answer: Second, in my first attempt I think I failed to understand the exact demand of the exam itself.

Question: Your suggestions to budding aspirants.

Answer: Work hard and believe in yourself and keep your goal very clear in your mind.

Question: If CSAT is implemented what will be your suggestion to the candidates with regard to strategy to tackle the examination.

Answer: Whatever be the exam pattern keep yourself positive and confident. Remember UPSC is checking much more than your intelligence.

Courtesy: Civil Services Chronicle