IAS Success Stories of winning candidates Rashmita Panda

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Interviewer: What was your strategy for the examination?

Rashmita Panda: Give equal importance to all the papers and consistent hard work and the faith on my potential that I will be into civil services one day.

Interviewer: What were your optionals?

Rashmita Panda: History & Public Administration

Interviewer: How did you plan for preliminary examination?

Rashmita Panda: For G. S: Exhaustive reading with emphasis on current affairs and solve lots of questions and precision is important in negative marking scheme.

Interviewer: What about General Studies?

Rashmita Panda: Alongwith traditional part, give stress to current event and make opinions. Make cutouts of articles, section wise eg; health, IR as this will make revision easy.

Interviewer: What is the best way to prepare current affairs?

Rashmita Panda: Hindu, Economic Times, Yojana, Kurukshetra, Civil Services Chronicle & Wizard, Special monthly issues of CSC is valuable

Interviewer: What about time management?

Rashmita Panda: I used to do GS and both my optionals together as in that way I would be in touch with all my papers.

Interviewer: What was your strategy for Mains?

Rashmita Panda: Answer writing practice help to score well. One cannot write all answers but at least a framework should be prepared in mind.

Interviewer: Did you join any coaching institute? What is your opinion about coaching institutes?

Rashmita Panda: For GS: Vajiram and Ravi in 2006 and test series in Sriram. For Public admn: Sunil Gupta sirs Inspiration & this helped to refine my answers. For history: Dr. Reddy sir & Baliyan sir's test series.

Interviewer: What should be the criteria to select optionals?

Rashmita Panda: Interest in the subject and easy availability of material

Interviewer: Tell me something about Interview?

Rashmita Panda: Be honest to the interview board and give balanced perspective

Interviewer: The biggest mistake you made in the examination?

Rashmita Panda: Neglecting statistics in 2007 mains for which for which GS Paper II scores was not good.

Interviewer: What are your suggestions for the new comers?

Rashmita Panda: This exam needs lots of patience and perseverance. Work hard in smart manner & just give your best

Interviewer: Your opinion about the Civil Services Chronicle? Since when you have reading CS-Chronicle? Which section of CSC benefited you the most?

Rashmita Panda: CSC is quite exhaustive in the coverage of relevant issues. I have been reading CSC since 2006.

Interviewer: What is your opinion about self-study?

Rashmita Panda: Self study is very crucial as a particular candidate will know his/her weakness and strengths.

Interviewer: How important is the length of an answer?

Rashmita Panda: Writing a relevant answer with good presentation style is important by sticking to word limit.

Interviewer: What do you feel the secret of you success?

Rashmita Panda: Patience and hard work in a smart manner.

Interviewer: To whom do you refer for the credit success?

Rashmita Panda: My parents, my sister Ankita, all my teachers, friends, students & colleagues and especially during preparations sathis, Rahul (IPS 2007), Vikram, Shiva, Anumena, Kislaya, Ajit, Suvidh, Anushree & Rugved. I also thank Nabanita (IFS 2007).

Courtesy: Civil Services Chronicle

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