IAS Success Stories of Winning Candidates S Soumya

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  • Start your day early: Sitting till mid night or later than that should only be an exception to the rule and not a habit. Being nocturnal would only damage your body and mind. Your reception to quality learning is lesser in the night when compared to the day.
  • Eat more but eat less: Eat more number of times in a day, whenever you feel hungry but eat less each time you eat. Keep drinking water at equal intervals. This is essential to remain healthy. Your body has to support you throughout your preparation.
  • Talk less: Do not keep discussing strategies, reservoirs of study material, your anxieties and worries to people. Nobody is interested and nobody has a solution. So there is no point in finding agony aunts. they՚ll only kill your time. When your feel anxious, turn to yourself and observe the silence within you. you՚ll see your anxiety melting away.
  • Out of the subjects you choose, at least one should be of your interest: Start the preparation for the day with that subject. This ′ ll make you ready for the other subjects too which are not that much to your liking. Do not dirty your walls by sticking notes and charts around. You should be able to relax when you take your eyes off the books. Have something that inspires you, relaxes you and allows you to take a break.
  • Enjoy each day: Sing, dance, meditate, pray, read, meet or talk to someone you love every day. This will charge you up. In this whole process, there are physical and mental hardships and you need to continuously reenergize yourselves.
  • Keep yourself clean: Do not go to the class with a ‘right out of the bed’ look. This not only puts others off but also shows how irresponsible you are to yourself.
  • Keep your answers simple: Read simple, write simple. The simplicity would see you through the examination process.
  • Try to have an alternate career in mind or a plan B ready: This would give you lot of confidence while you prepare.

I had been working with a Bank for 3 years before writing this examination and I got back into my banking career immediately after the exams. So plan your academic and professional career accordingly, so that you have something to fall back upon:

Courtesy: Competition Wizard