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The physical geography was a bit tricky, moreover many of the questions were focused on environment and related issues as we had discussed in the classes. Section B on Human geography was very direct, rather most of the questions were from the same theme as asked in our Test series As in the concluding class we mentioned, the clear focus was on applicative and conceptual understanding.

Geography postal course students would have a clear edge in the paper. Unfortunately, several conventional books do not cover the topics as asked in the examination (topics were more contemporary in nature).

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Section A

1a. Write a note on pseudo volcanic features.

1b. Distinguish between low energy coasts and coral coasts.

1c. Discuss the impacts of ocean currents on air mass behaviour.

1d. Describe the characteristics of biological deserts.

1e. Explain the concept of micro carbon sink and its relevance.

2a. Discuss the forces which govern the air movement on the Earth’s surface.

2b. “The knowledge of slope analysis has limited field application in the slope management. ” Explain.

2c. Describe the configuration of the Pacific Ocean floor.

3a. “Climate change is a reality. ” Explain with suitable examples.

3b. Distinguish between the characteristics of Chernozem and Sierozem soils.

3c. Give a classification of plants based on the amount of water requirement.

4a. Discuss the concept of Periglacial cycle as propounded by Peltier.

4b. “Climate, slope gradient and rock structure influence the avulsion of channels”. Explain.

4c. Discuss the Perception, Attitude, Value and Emotion (PAVE) theory of environmental management.

Section B

5a. Explain the concept of Time-Geography.

5b. “Whittlesey’s agricultural regions are relevant even today, ” Discuss.

5c. Write an explanatory note on geographical system.

5d. “The traditional cultural identities are at loss with the growth of global connectivity. ” Explain.

5e. Give an account on sustainable development and its components.

6a. Discuss the contemporary paradigms of Geography.

6b. “The intensity of energy crisis varies regionally, ” Explain.

6c. Examine the causes and consequences of forced migration of population in the present context.

7a. Discuss the applicability of Christaller’s Central place Theory.

7b. “There are considerable demographic similarities between West European nations and Japan. ” Explain.

7c. Define the quality of life and explain its parameters with adequate explain.

8a. “The Heartland theory is gaining importance once again. ” Comment.

8b. Examine the role of small towns in the regional development.

8c. Explain the concept of social capital in relation to India.

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