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There are quite a number of students who cannot afford high IAS coaching fees. If you are one among them? This blog post is exclusively dedicated to you. It is possible to prepare for UPSC exam without spending a huge amount of money. Keep reading to discover how you can do the same! In the first place, here are the reasons why IAS coaching has become unaffordable:

  • Very high fees charged by the IAS coaching institutes.
  • Delhi coaching institutes are said to provide high-class training. But, the cost of living in Delhi is too much.
  • A lot of coaching institutes present in every city. Students tend to jump from one to another if not satisfied.
  • Expensive mock test series.

5 Smart Tips To Prepare For IAS without Spending Much Money

Image Showing of 5 Smart Tips To Prepare For IAS

Image Showing of 5 Smart Tips To Prepare For IAS

Image Showing of 5 Smart Tips To Prepare For IAS Image Showing of 5 Smart Tips To Prepare For IAS

Prepare From Online Classes

Classroom coaching tends to charge more because of the many facilities they provide. It includes air conditioning classrooms, electricity, faculty, and staff maintenance. On the other hand, online classes will not include any such facilities. So, the charges seem to be less. Moreover, you can access them through the internet. It is possible to learn from any place and at any time of the day. If possible, give a try to join online classes as it is cheaper. It definitely reduces your coaching investment. It cuts down transportation and cost of living expenditure too.

Find Scholarship Programme

You can find that there are many schemes rolled out by the government. It is done with the aim of providing scholarships to best eligible students. Research and fetch the required information from government websites. Following the rules and regulations, fill up the application form. There are few IAS coaching instituteswho provide such programmes. It is done with the aim of attracting the best talent. Give a try and it might work out for you.

Join Good Quality Coaching

This point might seem confusing to you. Yes! We can understand your dilemma. But, there is no other best way to seek value for the spent money. In case you end up joining any bad coaching center, you lose time as well as money. You have to spend another year to make next attempt. The time just flies. It only adds up to your cost and does not save money. It is your duty to search for a trusted IAS coaching institute.

Depend On Test Series

If you prefer self-study and do not want to attend any kind of IAS coaching, you must focus on test series. Good mock test series has the ability to enhance your UPSC preparation. Students gain maximum confidence by attending such tests on a regular basis. Not only purchasing the good test series, but you must also attend them regularly. It helps you to stick to the perfect study timetable. You will enjoy the strategic preparation during the journey. Test is an important part of preparation. Invest in the same to reap maximum benefits. It does not cost you much!

Free Online Classes

However, this is the least recommended point from our end. You can save costs by reaching out to free IAS Online Coaching classes. Some of the websites maintain quality. But, nobody can provide you the complete IAS coaching for 100 % free. You might have to spend on books along with referring the free videos. Majority of the classes are incomplete. You will not experience any kind of structured learning methodology. Also, such videos are handled by less experienced teachers. However, with careful research, you can find out good videos from the crowded internet marketplace. Freshers find it difficult to distinguish between the good and bad.

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- Published/Last Modified on: April 10, 2019

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