UPSC 2016 – List of Successful Candidates from Examrace (Download PDF)

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We congratulate all our postal series and test series students who cleared UPSC 2016. We also congratulate our website viewers and Youtube channel subscribers who cleared this exam.

Below is the list of the candidates who referred Examrace resources given below:

Table Contain shows list of the candidates who referred Examrace resources given below

Table Contain shows list of the candidates who referred Examrace resources given below


Material Referred


Saumya Pandey

Doorsteptutor IAS Test Series

Geography Postal Course


Vivek Kumar

Geography Postal Course


Amit Kumar

Geography Postal Course


Dheeraj Kumar

Doorsteptutor IAS Mains Geography


Chandan Kumar

Geography Postal Course


Gaurav Raut

Test Series


Sandeep Kumar

Geography Postal Course


Parveen Kumar

Geography Postal Course + Maps


Manoj Kumar

Geography Postal Course


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Writing skills for IAS Mains

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Writing Scoring Answers: 6 Simple Tricks & Eliminate 6 Common Errors - UPSC et al

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Scoring high in Geography optional

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Scoring High (350+) in Geography Optional UPSC IAS Mains: Formation & Presentation

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