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Here are the interview questions asked by one of the candidates for UPSC. Those preparing for interviews can definitely get guidance from here. Key points to be noted are: 1. Very well about yourselves (hobbies) – weaknesses, strengths especially if you have appeared for multiple times.

2. Know about your state, profession and related policy imperatives

3. If you are asked about hobby, you should know through and through about it. For example, if you say painting you should know the great painters, painting styles, famous paintings, controversies if any etc.

Interview questions 05/03/2018

Education: M. Pharmacy

Exp: 1 year teaching & 2.5 years as Bank officer

Hobbies: Playing cricket, Community Service

1. You have very good research experience. Why didn’t you opt for research?

2. You are a post graduate in pharmacy, then you joined bank. Now you want to join civil services. Are you sure, what you want to do in your life?

3. Due to poor research facilities, as you said, people do not opt for research as their career option. What is government doing to promote research environment?

4. How can you be helpful in encouraging research environment?

5. What have you been doing since you resigned from bank in 2015?

6. It took you three years of preparation to reach here. Why?

7. Your hobby is community service. Can you define it?

8. What kind of community service have you done?

9. Do you get enough time to pursue your hobby?

10. You have published research papers in international journals with good impact factor. What is impact factor?

11. How is it calculated?

12. How does playing cricket help you in day to day life?

13. Who is your favorite cricketer?

14. What are Lodha Panel recommendations on BCCI?

15. Do you think sports bodies should be independent?

16. NPAs are rising very fast. What are the possible solutions of this problem?

17. Tell us about the recent PNB scam.

18. Do you think a strong political will is required for solving NPA problem?

19. India is once again set to become fastest growing major economy. What do you think are the factors for good growth rate of Indian economy in coming Fiscal?

20. What is India’s stand on BRI of China?

21. What do you think about recent offer from China to rename CPEC if India joins OBOR?

22. Why is sex ratio of Haryana Lowest?

23. What are the possible solutions?

24. Haryana has given a lot of athletes. Is there any special reason why Haryana is doing good in sports?

25. What was the basis of formation of Haryana as a state?

26. What are main crops of Haryana?

27. Are there any geographical reasons behind Haryana being forerunner in agricultural production?

28. What is compulsory licensing?

29. Which anti-TB drugs are facing issues regarding compulsory licensing?

30. Have you ever applied for patent?

31. What is the procedure to get patent in India?

32. Do you think there is need for judicial accountability in India?

33. Tell us your views on current controversy between senior most judges of Supreme Court.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 12, 2018

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