Preparation Tips for the IB Exam 2021

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  • The best way to clear any exam first gets the latest updated syllabus analyze it, and then make a proper study plan according to the time you have and syllabus.
  • When you seat for the preparation make sure around your space is clean. Because clean space and proper environment most effect in your preparation.
  • Be sure to make time for small breaks in your study, short rest will help your brain retain information better.
  • That sounds like common sense, but often student forget that eating and resting are critical to remembering information. No matter how busy you are in studying, don՚t forget to sleep and eat healthy breakfast before the exam.
  • Procrastinating can have a serious negative effect on your grades. Often some students put off doing work until the last second, and they find themselves pulling all-nighters to get everything done.
  • Make sure you get started early. If you finishing in everything in early, you have more to revise your work or ask a teacher about something you don՚t understand.
  • Study groups are a good way to ask others about information you might not have known about otherwise. Maybe one of your friends can help you with something you don՚t understand.
  • Taking about the information with someone you know is a good way to remember important information.
  • don՚t be afraid to ask help when you need it. Ask teacher or friends when you start to feel discouraged. Remember IB exam can be overwhelming.
  • Save some time for fun. Go for a run, watch some TV, or just hang out with friends. Whatever makes you happiest. Fun is a definite necessity for success.

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