Accounting English Paper 2 2015 Questions and Answers Part 2

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Question 2:

Inventory Valuation and Internal Control (35 marks; 20 minutes)

Jankjies Electronics sells LCD flat-screen television sets. The business is owned by Jane Jankjies. As she has other businesses to run, she cannot be at the shop very often. She employs Marlan Miller to run the shop for her. The business uses the periodic inventory system and the first-in-first-out (FIFO) method to value the stock. The financial year-end is 28 February 2015.


Calculate the value of the closing stock of 145 television sets on 28 February 2015 using the FIFO method.

Calculate the following:

  • Cost of sales
  • Average mark-up % achieved for the year

Refer to Information D.

  • Provide a calculation to prove whether the information given by the cleaner is true or not.
  • Jane is concerned that the final stock of 145 television sets is not appropriate for her business. Provide a calculation or figures to support her opinion and explain.
  • Jane has adjusted the selling prices during the year to attract new customers. Comment on whether or not this strategy has benefitted the business. Provide figures to support your answer.
  • Provide two points to assist Jane in improving internal control in her business.


Stock Balances

Stock Balances
Number of UnitsUnit Price (including carriage)Total
1 March 2014 (inclusive of transport costs)705 500385 000
28 February 2015145??

Purchases of Television Sets During the Financial Year Ended 28 February 2015

Purchases of Television Sets During the Financial Year Ended 28 February 2015
Number of UnitsUnit PriceCarriageTotal
May 2014150R5 000R18 750R768 750
August 2014120R4 750R15 000R585 000
December 201490R4 450R11 250R411 750
Total360R45 000R1 765 500

Returns to Suppliers

  • Three television sets from the August 2014 purchases were damaged.
  • The television sets were returned to the suppliers. The suppliers also reversed the carriage on these items.

Possible Theft of Television Sets

Jane has been informed by a cleaner that he suspects Marlan of giving away television sets to his family members and friends.

Sales for the Year Were as Follows

Sales for the Year Were as Follows
Selling priceQuantityTotal
March to July 2014R9 10080 unitsR728000
August to November 2014R9 80030 unitsR294000
December 2014R7 500150 unitsR1 125000
January to February 2015R9 80016 unitsR156800
276 unitsR2 303800

Question 3

Financial Statements: Balance Sheet and Notes, Audit (75 marks; 45 minutes)

Choose a description from Column B that matches a term/concept in Column A. Write only the letter (A – E) next to the question number (3.1. 1 – 3.1. 5) in the Answer Book.

Financial Statements: Balance Sheet and Notes, Audit
Column AColumn B
A. Companies and Intellectual Property Commission1. A guidelines for the preparation of financial statements to ensure consistency
B. Director2. responsible for maintaining records and control of new and existing companies
C. IFRS3. The business is responsible for its own debts and the liability of owners is

limited to the amounts they invested

D. Limited liability4. Responsible for expressing an opinion on the financial statements of a company
E. Independent auditor5. E an elected member of the board responsible for running the business and implementing policy

Bargain Traders Ltd is a public company listed on the JSE. The business has an authorised share capital of 1 000 000 ordinary shares.


Prepare the following notes to the Balance Sheet:

1. Ordinary share capital

2. Retained income

3. Trade and other receivables

  • Complete the Balance Sheet on 30 June 2014. Where notes are not required, show ALL workings in brackets to earn part marks.
  • Calculate the net asset value (NAV) per share on 30 June 2014.
  • Comment on the price offered for the shares that were repurchased. Quote relevant financial indicators (actual figures/ratios/percentages) to support your comment.
  • The CEO (chief executive officer) , Kyle Mason, has convinced the company to repurchase a further 90 000 shares during the next financial year on 31 August 2014. Kyle Mason currently owns 315 000 shares which represents 45 % of the issued shares.
  • Calculate Kyle Mason՚s percentage shareholding after the proposed share buy-back on 31 August 2014.
  • As a shareholder, explain your concern regarding the proposed repurchase of shares. Provide two questions you would ask the directors at the annual general meeting.