Accounting English Paper 2 2015 Questions and Answers Part 5

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Question 6

Budgeting (35 marks; 20 minutes)

You are provided with information relating to Brakpan Stationers. The business is owned by Vukile Radebe and his wife, Lydia. The shop is managed by Alvin Alberts; however, he has been offered a job by a competitor at an increased salary.


  • Explain the importance of comparing budgeted figures with actual figures achieved for the same period.
  • Calculate the missing amounts (indicated by a, b and c) in the Debtors՚ Collection Schedule for the budgeted period March to May 2015.

Calculate the following budgeted figures:

  • Total sales for March 2015
  • Amount for payments to creditors during May 2015
  • Salaries of the shop assistants for April 2015
  • The percentage increase in the salary of the manager expected in May 2015
  • Amount of the additional loan expected to be acquired on 1 April 2015

An official of the local municipality has offered to recommend Brakpan Stationers to supply stationery to the value of R500 000. However, he will only do this if Vukile pays him R20 000 in cash.

Give Vukile advice in this regard. State two points.

  • Vukile՚s wife is angry that he has not been adhering to the cash budget.
  • Vukile says that he deliberately did not keep to the budget because he wanted to improve the overall results of the business.
  • Identify three over-payments in April. Provide figures to support your answer. Provide a valid reason for each over-payment to support Vukile՚s decisions.
  • Explain how this difference of opinion with his wife can be avoided in future.
  • State two other strategies that Vukile and his wife could consider in future to improve the results of the business.


Sales and Debtors՚ Collection

The total sales for April 2015 and May 2015 have been estimated as follows:

Sales and Debtors՚ Collection
April 201570 000
May 201578 750

80 % of all sales are for cash. The rest is on credit.

Debtors are expected to pay as follows:

60 % within the same month of sale, subject to a 4 % discount 38 % in the month following the month of sale 2 % of debts are written off in the second month following the month of sale.

Debtors՚ collection schedule:

Debtors՚ Collection Schedule
Credit Sales R2015 March R2015 April R2015 May R
February31 50011 970
March10 500(a)3 990
April14 0008 064(b)
18 01812 054

Purchases of Merchandise and Payment to Creditors

  • The business works on a fixed-stock base where the stock sold in a month is replaced at the end of that month.
  • The business uses a mark-up of 75 % on cost.
  • 70 % of all merchandise is purchased on credit.
  • Creditors are paid in full in the month following the month of purchase.


Shop assistants:

  • The business has 12 shop assistants employed on equal pay in March 2015. Nine of the shop assistants are entitled to a bonus equal to 80 % of the monthly salary during April 2015.
  • All shop assistants will receive a general increase during May 2015.


An additional loan will be taken from Atlantic Bank on 1 April 2015 at 14 % p. a. interest.

Extract from the Cash Budget for the Three Months Ending 31 May 2015

Extract from the Cash Budget for the Three Months Ending 31 May 2015
Cash sale of stock42 00056 00059 20063 000
Collection from debtors18 01812 05412 800?
Rent income5 6006 1606 1606 160
Additional loan acquired0??0
Cash purchase of stock9 00012 00028 00013 500
Payment to creditors58 50021 00021 000?
Salaries of shop assistants102 000??110 160
Salary of manager16 00016 00040 00019 200
Interest on loan (14 % p. a.)6 3007 1757 1757 175
Delivery expenses (for

deliveries to customers)

9 2009 20009 200
Insurance (paid annually)027 00027 000-
Advertising00020 000
Purchase of vehicle00180 0000
Vehicle expenses004 0004 000
Sundry expenses5 3005 3005 3005 800