Agriculture Technology Paper 1 2015 Questions and Answers Part 1

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Section A

Question 1












Electric arc



Cell phone/Satellite phone






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Section B

Question 2

Materials and Structures

Two reasons why each of the following alloy metals is used to fabricate the product Milk tanks:

  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Resistance to wear.
  • Resistance to air, water and various chemical acids and alkalis.
  • Resistance to the formation of scale. (Any 2)

Electrical wire:

  • Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity.
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat.
  • Copper resist corrosion.
  • Copper is soft and bends easily. (Any 2)

Pipe fittings:

  • Wear resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • The machining ability of brass is good.
  • Brass is the cheapest alloy metal to select. (Any 2)

The alloy element commonly used with tin to form soft solder:


Five conditions under which an adhesive could be used and should be taken into consideration when buying adhesive:

  • Heat resistance/Temperature
  • Water-resistance
  • Elasticity
  • Load capacity
  • In flammability
  • Duration of cohesion
  • Duration of usability (Any 5)

Five reasons why farmers would prefer fiber glass water drinking troughs for animals:

  • Fiber glass is light.
  • Fiber glass is watertight.
  • Can be formed into any shape.
  • Can be sawn, drilled, and filled.
  • Toughness.
  • Easy repaired when break. (Any 5)

Five advantages of Teflon coated products:

  • There is no better sealant than Teflon.
  • Teflon has high dielectric strength.
  • Teflon coating services will keep other materials covered so that those hazardous chemicals will not harm them.
  • Teflon is heat and cold resistant. Not all kinds of coatings can withstand both blazing hot and freezing cold temperatures, especially those as extreme as 600 degrees Celsius or -454 degrees Celsius.
  • Since Teflon is non-sticky, it basically cleans itself.
  • The coefficient of friction is low. There are several types of Teflon coatings, but they are all very smooth and do not put up much resistance, so, any moving parts that are coated with it, slide gently and easily. (Any 5)

Two methods that can be implemented to prevent lightning strikes from damaging the energizer

  • Installing lightning protectors.
  • Switch off all electricity during thunderstorms.
  • Disconnect when weather is bad.

Minimum distance that the earth wire/spike of the above energizer must be away from any other electrical system:

At least 2 meters

Apart from lightning, three natural elements of nature that is extremely harmful to electric fence energizers:

  • Dust
  • Water
  • Fire

Two ways of increasing the earthing efficiency when erecting an electric fence.

  • Increasing the number of earth spikes.
  • Run an earth return wire in parallel to the fence line and connecting it to earth spikes at regular intervals.

Five requirements warning plates that are attached to electric fences should meet:

  • Firmly clamped to the fence wires at intervals recommended to be of approximately 10 meters to 50 meters, but not exceeding 90 meters.
  • The warning signs shall be at least 100 mm x 200 mm.
  • The background colour of both sides shall be yellow.
  • The inscription shall be black and shall be the ‘Take Care - Electric Fence.’
  • The inscription shall be indelible, inscribed on both sides and have a height of at least 25 mm.

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