Agriculture Technology Paper 1 2015 Questions and Answers Part 3

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Question 5

Tools, Implements and Equipment

Main aim of the standardization of farm implements:

To help the farmer to work quicker, cheaper, and more effectively.

Three advantages of farm implement standardization:

  • Any implement can be used on any tractor.
  • The same engine and spares can be used on a variety of tractors.
  • Spares can be purchased from any agent instead of a specific one.
  • Spares can be offered to the farmer relatively cheaply, because of mass production.
  • A reduced quantity of spares needs to be kept in stock for maintenance and service purposes.
  • When a farmer decides to purchase a new tractor, he/she will not have to take a special course on how to maintain it. (Any 3)

Name the component that allows the drive shaft to be used at different operating angles:

Universal joint.

Purpose of a bearing:

  • Reducing friction in bearings is often important for efficiency.
  • To reduce wear.
  • To facilitate extended use at high speeds.
  • To avoid overheating and premature failure of the bearing. (Any 2)

Two functions of a differential:

  • Changing direction of rotation.
  • Speed reduction.
  • Dividing rotation equal between the rear wheels. (Any 2)

Function of a differential lock:

A locked differential forces both left and right rear wheels on the same axle to rotate at the same speed under all circumstances.

Main function of the final drive:

Further reduction in speed.

More torque.

Three properties of a good clutch:

  • It should engage smoothly and not jam, slip, or shudder.
  • It should be capable of transferring the maximum load of the engine without slip.
  • When the clutch is disengaged, it should do so completely and not tend to drag.
  • The clutch should be of such a nature that it could be engaged or disengaged comfortably by hand or foot.
  • The friction material used on the clutch plate should not only be highly worn and temperature resistant but should also be able to resist high temperatures. (Any 3)

Calculate the diameter of the driven pulley:

Na Da = Ng Dg

Driven pulley diameter = 150mm.

Direction in which the driven pulley rotates:


Three safety precautions to consider when attaching the hammer mill to the PTO shaft of the tractor:

  • Check if the anchor bolts of the static machine are tight.
  • Check that the universal joints are well lubricated.
  • Check that the driving shaft guard is present and without cracks.
  • Ensure that the driving shaft is as straight as possible. (Any 3)

Three advantages of making use of V-belts instead of flat belts:

  • V-belts do not easily slip off pulleys.
  • V-belts draw tighter around the pulleys when tension increases.
  • Lubrication is never necessary.
  • V-belts are relatively strong, and under normal circumstances do not easily break.
  • Cold, moist conditions, age or use does not cause V-belts to stretch or shrink.
  • V-belts last longer than flat belts. (Any 3)

Three requirements for the screens used for safeguarding implements:

  • Must appear neat.
  • Safeguard the equipment.
  • Removed and replaced easily.
  • Do not become loose.
  • Weight saving.
  • Keep out all undesired matter. (Any 3)

Identify component A:

A is the top link.

Identify component B and explain its function:

  • B is a sensitivity element/automatic depth control mechanism.
  • Its function is to excite the hydraulic system at a given moment.

Which One of the safety devices (A or B) will allow the tractor driver to proceed immediately with a task, after the obstruction has been removed?


Three functions of the slip clutch as found in the drive mechanism of a baling machine:

  • Prevent heavy objects from being taken into the baler.
  • Protect the pick-up if it is impeded by anything.
  • Protect the auger if it becomes overloaded.

Procedure when a rotavator is prepared for use:

  • All grease points must be well greased.
  • The correct tension must be set for all belts or chains.
  • Check that all parts are functioning correctly by operating it slowly.
  • Replace all worn parts immediately especially the cutter blades.
  • Service according to manufacturer՚s specifications.
  • Lift all dust release guards.
  • Check that there is no damage to the blades and that they are sharp.

Question 6

Water Management

Basic procedures when selecting a pump:

  • Decide on the type of pump that best fits your needs, rotary, centrifugal, submersible, turbine, jet pump, etc.
  • Estimate your flow (GPM) and pressure requirements.
  • Research the available pump models and select a preliminary pump model that meets the requirements you established above.
  • Create a first draft irrigation design. The irrigation should be designed for the flow and pressure the pump will produce. Once you have a first draft of your irrigation you may be able to fine-tune your pump selection based on that design.
  • Would a different pump lower your irrigation costs or better fit your irrigation system design?
  • Return once again to your irrigation design, can it be fine-tuned to better match your final pump selection?
  • Return to the pump selection process and re-evaluate your pump selection, then make your final pump selection. (Any 4)

Reason for dividing a garden irrigation system into different zones:

There is usually not enough pressure and available water flow to operate all the sprinklers at once.

Name the spray nozzle:

Variable-flow irrigation sprinkler head.

Function of an irrigation valve:

It regulates the one-directional flow of water in an irrigation system.

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