Agriculture Technology Paper 2 2015 Questions and Answers Part 1

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Section A

Question 1

Various options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Choose the answer and write only the letter (A – D) next to the question number (1.1. 1 – 1.1. 10) in the Answer Book, for example 1.1. 11 B.

1. The adhesive that will be best suited for repairing a water tank made of glass used for fish farming:

A Epoxy

B Silicon

C Resorcinol

D Latex

2. The factor that does NOT contribute to tractor roll-overs when carrying out tasks on the farm:

A Cornering at high speeds

B Carrying loads too high on the front-end loader

C Connecting an implement underneath the hitching point of a tractor

D Working in a steep ditch, on a hill or a washout

3. One of the following has no influence on the depth-control system of a tractor:

A Increased wheelbase of the tractor

B Ploughing depth

C Soil resistance

D Forward speed of the tractor

4. A synthetic material such as … is best known for its heat resistant properties.

A Perspex

B rubber

C Prestik

D Bakelite

5. The prescribed size for a warning sign on an electric fence is at least …

A 100 mm x 200 mm.

B 200 mm x 300 mm.

C 300 mm x 400 mm.

D 500 mm x 600 mm.

6. can Not be used as a pipe-welding position.

A Horizontal fixed position

B Vertical position

C Machine spot welding

D Horizontal movable position

7. The … is/are NOT part of the three-point mechanism of the tractor.

A lifting arms

B top link

C power take-off shaft

D stabilising chains

8. Faulty drum speed of the combine harvester causes …

A kernels to be blown out by the blower of the machine.

B kernels of different sizes to be collected in the collecting bin.

C V-belts to be thrown from their pulleys.

D kernels not being removed from the stalks.

9. To adjust the cross-angle of an implement in relation to the tractor՚s forward movement you will use a …

A levelling box.

B top link.

C depth-control mechanism.

D depth-control lever.

10. Bronze can easily be joined by …

A arc-welding.

B MIG-welding.

C soldering.

D TIG-welding.

Change the Underlined word (s) in each of the following statements to make the statements TRUE. Write only the answer next to the question number (1.2. 1 – 1.2. 5) in the Answer Book, for example 1.2. 6 Tractor.

1. Acetylene gas is used with CO2 in MIG-welding.

2. A (n) gas flame melts the metal when cutting with a plasma cutter.

3. The process where water is sent through different liquids that are separated by a permeable film which allows water to pass through on a molecular level is called forward osmosis.

4. Teflon protects the metal parts of the irrigation system against corrosion.

5. A GPS is a modern technological device that can be used to start or stop an irrigation system over long distances.

Choose a word/term from Column B that matches the description in Column A. Write only the letter (A – G) next to the question number (1.3. 1 – 1.3. 5) in the Answer Book, for example 1.3. 6 H.

Choose a Word/Term from Column B That Matches the Description in Column A
Column AColumn B
Elements used in the manufacturing of brass componentssingle action
The device used by crop farmers to measure soil water contentclass A evaporation pan
The instrument used to determine evapotranspiration in a specific fieldchannel drain
Long, narrow concrete drains used to move large amounts of waterFrench drain
A hydraulic cylinder installed in the steering mechanism of a back acterneutron probe
double action
copper and zinc

(5 x 2) (10)

Total Section A: 40