Agriculture Technology Paper 2 2015 Questions and Answers Part 1

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Section A

Question 1

Various options are provided as possible answers to the following questions. Choose the answer and write only the letter (A–D) next to the question number (1.1.1–1.1.10) in the Answer Book, for example 1.1.11 B.

1. The adhesive that will be best suited for repairing a water tank made of glass used for fish farming:

A Epoxy

B Silicon

C Resorcinol

D Latex

2. The factor that does NOT contribute to tractor roll-overs when carrying out tasks on the farm:

A Cornering at high speeds

B Carrying loads too high on the front-end loader

C Connecting an implement underneath the hitching point of a tractor

D Working in a steep ditch, on a hill or a washout

3. One of the following has no influence on the depth-control system of a tractor:

A Increased wheelbase of the tractor

B Ploughing depth

C Soil resistance

D Forward speed of the tractor

4. A synthetic material such as ... is best known for its heat resistant properties.

A Perspex

B rubber

C Prestik

D Bakelite

5. The prescribed size for a warning sign on an electric fence is at least ...

A 100 mm x 200 mm.

B 200 mm x 300 mm.

C 300 mm x 400 mm.

D 500 mm x 600 mm.

6. can Not be used as a pipe-welding position.

A Horizontal fixed position

B Vertical position

C Machine spot welding

D Horizontal movable position

7. The ... is/are NOT part of the three-point mechanism of the tractor.

A lifting arms

B top link

C power take-off shaft

D stabilising chains

8. Faulty drum speed of the combine harvester causes ...

A kernels to be blown out by the blower of the machine.

B kernels of different sizes to be collected in the collecting bin.

C V-belts to be thrown from their pulleys.

D kernels not being removed from the stalks.

9. To adjust the cross-angle of an implement in relation to the tractor’s forward movement you will use a ...

A levelling box.

B top link.

C depth-control mechanism.

D depth-control lever.

10. Bronze can easily be joined by ...

A arc-welding.

B MIG-welding.

C soldering.

D TIG-welding.

Change the Underlined word(s) in each of the following statements to make the statements TRUE. Write only the answer next to the question number (1.2.1–1.2.5) in the Answer Book, for example 1.2.6 Tractor.

1. Acetylene gas is used with CO2 in MIG-welding.

2. A (n) gas flame melts the metal when cutting with a plasma cutter.

3. The process where water is sent through different liquids that are separated by a permeable film which allows water to pass through on a molecular level is called forward osmosis.

4. Teflon protects the metal parts of the irrigation system against corrosion.

5. A GPS is a modern technological device that can be used to start or stop an irrigation system over long distances.

Choose a word/term from Column B that matches the description in Column A. Write only the letter (A–G) next to the question number (1.3.1–1.3.5) in the Answer Book, for example 1.3.6 H.

Choose a word/term from Column B that matches the description in Column A

Column A

Column B

Elements used in the manufacturing of brass components

single action

The device used by crop farmers to measure soil water content

class A evaporation pan

The instrument used to determine evapotranspiration in a specific field

channel drain

Long, narrow concrete drains used to move large amounts of water

French drain

A hydraulic cylinder installed in the steering mechanism of a back acter

neutron probe

double action

copper and zinc

(5 x 2) (10)

Total Section A: 40