Agriculture Technology Paper 2 2015 Questions and Answers Part 2

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Section B

Question 2

Materials and Structures

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Give Two reasons why each of the following alloy metals is used to manufacture the product below:

1. Stainless steel in the manufacturing of milk tanks

2. Copper in the manufacturing of electrical conductors

3. Brass in the manufacturing of pipe fittings

4. Name the alloy element commonly used with tin to form soft solder.

5. Name Five conditions under which an adhesive could be used that should be taken into consideration when an adhesive is bought.

6. Give Five reasons why farmers would prefer fibre-glass water drinking troughs for animals.

7. Teflon-coated products, such as cooking equipment, are well known in the industry. Describe Five advantages of Teflon-coated products.

8. The charger (energiser) in the photo below provides the energy needed for the electric fence to work effectively.

Materials and Structures

9. Name Two methods that can be implemented to prevent lightning strikes from damaging the energiser.

10. Indicate the minimum distance that the earth wire/spike of the above energiser must be away from any other electrical system.

11. Name, apart from lightning, Three elements of nature extremely harmful to electric-fence energisers.

12. Sand, very dry soil or dry plant material can cause an inefficient earth connection. Describe Two ways of increasing the earthing efficiency when erecting an electric fence.

13. Name Five requirements that should be met by warning plates that are attached to electric fences.

Question 3:


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1. Wind power converts kinetic energy present in the wind, into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy.

2. How can the energy produced from this device be stored efficiently for use during windless days?

3. Describe THREE disadvantages of wind energy that will influence your choice when choosing an alternative energy source.

4. The earth contains a considerable untapped energy source in the form of heat.

5. Name the heat energy that is extracted from the earth՚s inner core.

6. Describe Two important issues that can be raised during the initial survey phase before exploration of the energy source commences.

7. Bio-fuel is any plant or animal matter which is combustible and can be used as a fuel for engines on a farm.

8. Give Three advantages of bio-fuel.

9. Name Two common alternative fuels that are obtained from plant origin.

10. The solar panels shown below are used to generate electricity through solar (sun) energy. Explain the process that takes place in solar panels to transform sun energy into electricity.

Solar Energy

11. Discuss Four disadvantages of solar energy.

Question 4

Skills and Construction Processes

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1. The photograph below shows the tip of the nozzle of a MIG welder.

Skills and Construction Processes

1. A farm worker was repairing an implement with the aid of a MIG welding machine. Suddenly the wire fused itself to the welding tip. Give Two reasons for this problem.

2. Name Two methods used to solve the problem mentioned

3. Give Two reasons for the occurrence of welding spatter when using the MIG welding machine.

4. Describe Two measures that can be applied to solve the problem of welding spatter.

5. Welding galvanized steel is very dangerous. Give Two reasons to support this statement.

6. Describe the correct process of overhead arc-welding.

7. Name Three hazards to take into consideration when working with the plasma cutter.