Agriculture Technology Paper 2 2015 Questions and Answers Part 3

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Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow.

You are the manager of a dairy farm. You are experiencing problems with the water trough, as shown below, due to the cattle damaging the ball valve. You have to design a cover to protect the ball valve. The width of the trough is 500 mm and the length of the ball valve is 600 mm. The material available to build the cover is 25 mm x 6 mm angle iron and 25 mm x 6 mm flat bar.

Skills and Construction Process

1. Make a freehand sketch of the top of your design to protect the ball valve mechanism.

2. Indicate Two essential measurements on the sketch.

3. Indicate Two types of welding joints that can be used.

4. Supply a cutting list of the material that you will need.

5. Name a method that can be used to prevent the metal grid from rusting.

A photograph of an oxyacetylene cutting nozzle is shown below. Answer the questions that follow.

Skills and Construction Process

1. Name Two types of metals that can be cut by using an oxyacetylene cutting torch.

2. Explain the oxyacetylene cutting process from the moment the flame has been lit up to the moment that the cut is finished.

Question 5

Tools, Implements and Equipment

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1. The following questions are based on the standardization of farm implements.

2. Give the main aim of the standardization of farm implements.

3. Give Three advantages of farm implement standardization.

4. The sketch below shows a power take-off (PTO) shaft that can be used between a tractor and implements to provide drive to the implement.

Tools, Implements and Equipment

1. Name the component in the above picture that allows the drive shaft to be used at different operating angles.

2. Explain the purpose of a bearing.

The sketch below shows a differential with a final drive assembly as found in a bulldozer.

Tools, Implements and Equipment

1. Name Two functions of a differential.

2. State the function of a differential lock.

3. Give the main function of the final drive in the sketch above as indicated by arrow A.

4. The drive between the engine and the differential needs to be disengaged when gears are changed. This is done with the aid of a clutch. Describe Three properties of a good clutch.

5. The sketch below shows two pulleys connected with a V-belt as found in the drive system of a hammer mill.

Tools, Implements and Equipment

1. Calculate the diameter of the driven pulley by using the following formula:

Na x Da = Ng x Dg

Where: Na = Speed of driving pulley

Da = Diameter of driving pulley

Ng = Speed of driven pulley

Dg = Diameter of driven pulley

2. Indicate the direction in which the driven pulley rotates.

3. Explain Three safety precautions to consider when attaching the hammer mill to the PTO shaft of the tractor.

4. Farm machines use several V-belts in their operation systems.

5. Name THREE advantages of using V-belts instead of flat belts.

6. V-belts must always be covered by a screen to safeguard people from injury. State THREE requirements of the screens used for safeguarding implements.