Agriculture Technology Paper 2 2015 Questions and Answers Part 4

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Refer to the sketch below and answer the questions that follow.

Tools, Implements and Equipment

1. Identify component A.

2. Identify component B and explain its function.

Sketch A shows a shear bolt and sketch B a slip clutch. Both are safety devices used on a baling machine.

Tools, Implements and Equipment

1. Which One of the safety devices (A or B) will allow the tractor driver to proceed immediately with a task after the obstruction has been removed?

2. State Three functions of the slip clutch found in the drive mechanism of a baling machine.

The picture below shows a rotavator used on a farm.

Tools, Implements and Equipment

Describe the procedure that should be followed when a rotavator is prepared for use.

Question 6

Water Management

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1. Describe the basic procedures that must be followed when selecting a pump for a new irrigation system.

2. Give a reason for dividing a garden irrigation system into different zones.

3. The picture below shows a spray nozzle which is normally fitted to an overhead irrigation system.

Water Management

Name the spray nozzle indicated in the picture.

4. What is the function of an irrigation valve?

5. Discuss Three factors to consider when purchasing an irrigation sprinkler system.

6. The success of sprinkler irrigation depends on how well it functions. Explain the working of an irrigation sprinkler.

7. Name Two criteria that will influence the farmer՚s decision on the time for irrigating a crop.

8. The sprinkler head of a fire suppression sprinkler system is attached to the ceiling with the top of the head facing down. Explain the working of this fire suppression sprinkler system.

A schematic illustration of a septic tank is shown below. Answer the questions that follow.

Water Management

9. A typical household sewage treatment system should consist of two compartments, A and B. Briefly explain the functions of each of the Two compartments.

10. Name Three criteria that must be followed when maintaining a septic tank.

11. Name Three places where a septic tank may Not be built.

12. Precision farming is an integration of several technologies that are essential for modern-day farming practices. The most important of these technologies are GPS devices.

13. What does the abbreviation GPS stand for?

14. How can a farmer use a GPS device?

Total Section B: 160

Grand Total: 200