Noise Pollution, Problem Areas, Regulation and Control Rules

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Noise Pollution

  • In March 2011, MoEF set up real time monitoring centres in seven Indian cities

    • The results indicate that the ambient noise in residential and commercial areas is far in excess not just of a healthy level but the standards set by law as well.

  • Effects include

    • Loss of hearing sensitivity in specific frequencies

    • Non auditory effects like hypertension, heart rate disorders, and psychological stress

  • Problem areas

    • Lack of reliable data

  • What to do?

    • The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 should be appropriately amended and enforced

    • According in the rules, any person can make a complaint to the designated authority, such as the police, if the ambient noise exceeds the prescribed standard by 10 dB or more.

    • The data generated by the sensors should be in the public domain on the internet, fi the system is to serve any meaningful purpose