ICAR NET Reasoning Sample Paper 9

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Directions (55, 56, and 57): In the following questions there are two words to the left of the sign (::). Which are connected in some way. The same relationship exists between the third word and one of the four alternatives under it. Find the correct alternative in each case.

Q. Medicine: Sickness: Book?

A. Ignorance

B. Knowledge

C. Author

D. Teacher

Answer: A

Q. River: Dam: Traffic?

A. Signal

B. Vehicle

C. Motion

D. Lane

Answer: D

Q. Session: Concludes::? : Lapses

A. Leave

B. Permit

C. Agent

D. Policy

Answer: D

Q. If, then 49 =

A. 14

B. 20

C. 19

D. 17

Answer: B


A. 45

B. 37

C. 50

D. 102

Answer: D

Directions (61-62): What approximate value should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions? (You are not expected to calculate the exact value)

Q. (9321+ 5406- 1001) (498 +929 +66=?


B. 4.5

C. 16.5

D. 7.5

Answer: D

Q. 561204 .58 =? 55555

A. 606

B. 646

C. 586

D. 716

Answer: C

Q. The deference between the gore attest number and the smallest number of 5 digits formed by 0,1,2,3 And 4 using all but once is:

A. 32976

B. 32679

C. 32769

D. None of these

Answer: A

Q. Area of a parallelogram whose base is 9 cm and height 4 cm is? Sq. cm,

A. 9

B. 4

C. 36

D. 13

Answer: C

Q. The number which is neither prime nor composite is

A. 0

B. 1

C. 3

D. 2

Answer: B