ICAR NET: Computers MCQs (Practice_Test 10 of 21)

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  1. Which of the following statements is true concerning?

    1. Virtual memory is the space on the hard drive where the operating system begins to store data when it becomes memory-bound

    2. Accessing data from RAM is a slower than accessing data from virtual memory

    3. When it is using virtual memory, the operating system builds a file called the RAM file

    4. If a computer is memory-bound, adding more RAM will not solve the problem

    5. None of these

    Answer: a

  2. The term bit is short for

    1. megabyte

    2. binary language

    3. binary digit

    4. binary number

    5. None of these

    Answer: c

  3. All of the following terms are associated with spreadsheet software except

    1. worksheet

    2. cell

    3. formula

    4. virus detection

    5. None of these

    Answer: d

  4. _are devices used to transmit data over telecommunications lines.

    1. Drives

    2. Drive bays

    3. Modems

    4. Platforms

    5. None of these

    Answer: c

  5. A_is approximately one billion bytes.

    1. kilobyte

    2. bit

    3. gigabyte

    4. megabyte

    5. None of these

    Answer: c

  6. A repair for a known software bug, usually available at no charge on the Internet, is called a n

    1. version

    2. patch

    3. tutorial

    4. FAQ

    5. None of these

    Answer: b

  7. Computers gather data, which means that they allow users to__data.

    1. present

    2. input

    3. output

    4. store

    5. None of these

    Answer: d

  8. Which of the following terms is just the connection of networks that can be joined together?

    1. virtual private network

    2. internet

    3. intranet

    4. extranet

    5. None of these

    Answer: b

  9. _is a form of permanent memory that holds all the instructions the computer needs to start up and does not get erased when the power is turned off:

    1. The Network Interface Card (NIC)

    2. The CPU

    3. RAM

    4. ROM

    5. None of these

    Answer: c

  10. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a

    1. network

    2. mainframe

    3. Supercomputer

    4. client

    5. none of these

    Answer: a