General Knowledge Practice Questions Set 4 for ICAR NET (UG/PG)

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Q. The two civilizations which helped in the formation of Gandhara School of Arts are:

A. Indian and Roman

B. Indian and Egyptian

C. Greek and Roman

D. Indian and Greek

Answer: A

Q. ThinkPad is laptop associated with which of the following Companies?



C. Infosys


Answer: A

Q. The first summit of SAARC was held at

A. Kathmandu

B. Colombo

C. New Delhi

D. Dhaka

Answer: D

Q. The wire of flash bulb is made of

A. Copper

B. Barium

C. Magnesium

D. Silver

Answer: C

Q. The curves showing the volume temperature behavior of gases plotted at different fixed pressures are called

A. Isochroous

B. Isobars

C. V. T. P. curves

D. Is curves

Answer: B

Q. Project Tiger was launched in

A. 1973

B. 1976

C. 1978

D. 1983

Answer: A

Q. Pick out the stranger in the following:

A. The Ramayan

B. The Mahabharata

C. The Geeta

D. Godan

Answer: D

Q. The unit of radioactivity is

A. Megavolt

B. Curie

C. Weber

D. Quark

Answer: B

Q. Eldora caves of Maharashtra were built during the rule of

A. Rashtrakuta

B. Pal lava

C. Pal

D. Chula

Answer: A

Q. The first split in Indian Nation al Congress took place at

A. Sprat

B. Calcutta

C. Allahabad

D. Madras

Answer: A

Q. Ginger is a

A. Transformed flower

B. Transformed root

C. Transformed stem

D. Transformed leaf

Answer: C

Q. The famous kalinga war was fought near

A. Daygirl

B. Nauli

C. Balasore

D. Barbate

Answer: A

Q. Mug fighter plane manufacturing unit in Orissa is located at

A. Brahmaputra

B. Sunabeda

C. Cuttack

D. Sambalpur

Answer: B

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