Important MCQs for History ICAR NET (UG/PG) Part 28

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Q. When was Bhagavatism captured and absorbed by Brahmanism in general and Vaishnavism in particular?

(a) Maura period

(b) Post- Maura period

(c) Gupta period

(d) Post- Gupta period

Answer: C

Q. Consider list I and list II:

Persons and It՚s Nature
List IList II
(I) MadhavAdvaita Vada or Dualism
(II) AnkaraAdvaita Vada or No dualism
(III) RamanujanDvaitadvaita Vada or Dualistic Non-dualism
(IV) NumaraVisishtadvaita Vada or Qualified Non- dualism

Which of the above are not correctly matched?

Choose the answer from the codes given below:

(a) I & II

(b) II & III

(c) I & IV

(d) III & IV

Answer: D

Q. Who among the following is considered as the first proto- Siva?

(a) Radar

(b) Pasu. pati Mahadeva

(c) Pusan

(d) Morgan

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following are considered as the extreme sects of Saiuism?

(I) Adamants

(II) Pasu. pati

(III) KapaliRas

(IV) Spandasastra

Select the answer from the codes below:

(a) All of them

(b) I, II & III

(c) II, III & IV

(d) I, II & IV

Answer: C

Q. Totally how many Ayana՚s are supposed to be there according to tradition?

(a) Twelve

(b) Fifteen

(c) Sixty

(d) Sixty three

Answer: D

Q. Which of the following Saliva sects gave equal importance to social and religious reforms?

(a) Pasu. pati

(b) Mattamayuas

(c) Virasaivas

(d) Suddhasaivas

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following literature is known as the ′ Dravidic Veda?

(a) Parbhanas

(b) Tukaram

(c) Ettutogai

(d) Pattupattu

Answer: B

Q. When and by whom was the Asoka in scrimptions deciphered for the first time?

(a) 1787- John Tower

(b) 1810- Harry Smith

(c) 1825- Charles Metcalfe

(d) 1837- James prince

Answer: D

Q. Which of the following sources describe the Maury՚s as belonging to the Sutra Varna?

(a) Purines

(b) Jacanas

(c) Pursues

(d) European elnssical writers

Answer: A

Q. Who among the following Maryann emperors entered into a marriage alliance with Seieucus Animator, the Greek ruler of West Asia?

(a) Chandragupta Maura

(b) Asoka

(c) Bindusara

(d) Dasaratha

Answer: A

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