Geography MCQs – Commonly Asked Questions for Exams – Must Know Topics and Concepts Part 14

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63. Consider the following rivers

1. Betwa

2. Kosi

3. Gandak

Which of the above join (s) Yamuna river?

(a) 1 only

(b) 1 and 2

(c) 1 and 3

(d) 2 and 3

Ans: (d)

64. Under which climate conditions do the laterite soils develops?

(a) Wet tropical climate

(b) Hot and dry climate

(c) Cold temperature climate

(d) Mediterranean type of climate

Ans: (a)

65. Match the following

Match the Following
List – IList – II
A. Alluvial Soil1. Cotton
B. Black Soil2. Rice
C. Brown Soil3. Tea
D. Red Soil4. Wheat

(a) 2 3 1 4

(b) 2 1 3 4

(c) 3 1 2 4

(d) 4 1 3 2

Ans: (d)

66. The soil formed by the deposition of silt brought by rivers is

(a) alluvial soil

(b) red soil

(c) black soil

(d) pod soil

Ans: (a)

67. Peaty soil is found in

(a) Kerala

(b) Kashmir

(c) Asom

(d) Gujarat

Ans: (a)

68. What do you mean by ‘Reserved Forest’ ?

(a) Reserved for local use

(b) Reserved for commercial exploitation

(c) Reserved for hunting

(d) Reserved for growing medicinal herbs

Ans: (b)

69. Rainfall from the South-West monsoon reaches

(a) Lahaul and Spiti

(b) Ladakh

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Delta region of Mahanadi

Ans: (d)

70. Match the following

Match the Following
List – IList – II
A. Cold weather1. June to September
B. Hot weather2. October to November
C. South-West monsoon3. December to February
D. Retreating monsoon4. March to May

(a) 3 4 1 2

(b) 4 3 2 1

(c) 1 2 3 4

(d) 3 2 4 1

Ans: (a)

71. The retreating monsoon withdraws from the

(a) West coast to East coast

(b) North to the South

(c) North-East India to the West coast

(d) North-West India to Bengal

Ans: (d)

72. Forest policy of government aims to bring what percentage of total area, under forest?

(a) 33 %

(b) 25 %

(c) 22 %

(d) 27 %

Ans: (a)

73. ‘Sal’ is very important tree of

(a) tropical dry deciduous forest

(b) tropical rain deciduous forest

(c) thorn forest

(d) alpine forest

Ans: (a)

74. The wet hill forest are found in the

(a) Aravalli՚s

(b) Mahadev hills

(c) Nilgiris

(d) Sapura hills

Ans: (c)

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