ICAR NET: Geography MCQs (Practice_Test 10 of 118)

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  1. Which one of the following industries uses limestone as a raw material?

    1. Aluminium

    2. Cement

    3. Sugar

    4. Jute

    Answer: b

  2. To which countries does India export cement?

    1. America

    2. Europe

    3. Middle East

    4. East Asia

    Answer: c

  3. In which one of the following industries is gypsum used as a raw material?

    1. Aluminium

    2. Cement

    3. Steel

    4. Fertilizers

    Answer: b

  4. In which of the following industries are the synthetic fibers, rubber, detergents etc. Manufactured?

    1. Chemical industries

    2. Fertilizer industries

    3. Textile industries

    4. Rubber industries

    Answer: a

  5. What is India's position in terms of chemical industry?

    1. Tenth

    2. Third

    3. Twelfth

    4. Second

    Answer: c

  6. Petrochemicals are used in the manufacture of:

    1. Polythene

    2. Detergents

    3. Fibers

    4. All of these

    Answer: d

  7. In India cement industry has strategically located plants in Gujarat that have suitable access to the market in the:

    1. South Asia

    2. Gulf countries

    3. Australia

    4. All of these

    Answer: b

  8. Cement industry requires bulky and heavy raw materials like limestone, silica, alumina and:

    1. Siderite

    2. gypsum

    3. Zinc

    4. Manganese

    Answer: b

  9. IT industry has been a major foreign exchange earner in the last two or three years in India because of its fast growing:

    1. Business Processes Outsourcing

    2. Location in Bangalore

    3. Smelting activity

    4. Secondary activity

    Answer: a

  10. Silicon plateau is located in:

    1. Bangalore

    2. Osaka

    3. California

    4. Ahmadabad

    Answer: a