ICAR NET: Geography MCQs (Practice_Test 2 of 118)

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  1. Many industries tend to come together to make use of the advantages offered by the urban centers known as:

    1. command economy

    2. capitalistic economy

    3. agglomeration economies

    4. communist economy

    Answer: c

  2. What percentage of Gross Domestic Products (GDP) does India receive from the manufacturing industries?

    1. 27%

    2. 17%

    3. 10%

    4. 20%

    Answer: b

  3. On the basis of ownership industry can be classified as:

    1. Agro-based, Mineral based, Small scale industry, Private sector

    2. Public sector, Private sector, Joint sector, Co-operative sector

    3. Public sector, Private sector, Consumer industry, Mineral based industry.

    4. Public sector, Private sector, Joint sector, Small scale industry.

    Answer: b

  4. On the basis of capital investment the industry is classified as:

    1. Public sector, Private sector

    2. Small scale industry, large scale industry

    3. Basic industry, consumer industry

    4. Agro based industry, Mineral based industry.

    Answer: b

  5. Joint sector industry is a type of industry based on

    1. Capital

    2. Ownership

    3. The bulk and weight of raw material and finished goods

    4. Their main role

    Answer: b

  6. Light industry use

    1. Light raw material

    2. Material which produces light

    3. Light investment

    4. none of these

    Answer: a

  7. Which are not the agro-based industries?

    1. Sugar industry

    2. Cotton industry

    3. Vegetable oil and plantation industry

    4. Iron and steel industry

    Answer: d

  8. Cooperative sector industries are owned and operated by the producers or suppliers of raw materials, workers or both. They pool in the resources and share the profits or losses:

    1. Unevenly

    2. unequally

    3. disproportionately

    4. proportionately

    Answer: d

  9. Which of the following industries is not a heavy industry?

    1. Cotton textile

    2. Cement

    3. Iron and Steel

    4. Ship building

    Answer: a

  10. To which category is the Iron and steel industry belong to:

    1. Small scale

    2. Large scale

    3. Cooperative sector

    4. Agro based

    Answer: b